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Spaces that inspire

Case Study

The furniture added shape and a colour scheme that is bright, bold and inspiring.

Areas were divided using interior architecture in the form of zioxi BookWorm and BookHive, keeping the area open but allowing multipurpose uses.


How do you clean surfaces, communal IT equipment and charging products effectively to kill Coronavirus in schools?

As you know Covid-19 is spread through infected patients coughing and releasing as many as 3000 water droplets from their nose and mouth into their environment. Even the most diligent covering of the mouth with handkerchief or arm crook can result in the release of some of these droplets. These droplets will land on handles, […]

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Government guidance on schools and colleges continuing to pay suppliers during the Covid-19 lockdown

An official Procurement Policy Note has been sent out by the government to the public sector on continuing to pay suppliers for goods and services. This is to try to ensure that goods and services will continue during and after the Covid-19 lockdown and to avoid companies struggling or closing altogether resulting in the loss […]

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