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Applications to help learning in schools

zioxi were proud to sponsor the annual Redefining Learning Conference held at Simon de Senlis Primary School. The conference focused on creating a more beneficial learning environment through introducing technology into the classroom, as a learning tool for students and as an efficient planning tool for teachers.

One of the most common challenges faced when introducing technology into the classroom is what to do with it once it arrives! It does take a while to get to grips with all the possibilities and options. To help, we have compiled a list of the top educational applications, available on a range of devices:

  1. Minecraft Education Edition

Helps pupils with programming concepts, which also enables creativity, improves problem solving and tackles computational thinking. Gives students a familiar environment to learn in. The game itself can be applied to a variety of subjects, including Art, Computer Science and Design Tech.

Available on Apple and Android, $5 per user per year.

  1. Swift Playgrounds

Apples own coding app. Learning coding through puzzles and eventually moving up to make some code yourself without prompts or help. There is more focus on writing code than moving around blocks of code, which distinguishes this app from the rest.

Available on Apple, free to use.

  1. Tynker

Code robots, build apps, explore STEM, MOD Minecraft, code drones, build games. Teaches students to code. Start experimenting with visual blocks and then progresses students naturally to JAVA Script and Python.

Available on Apple and Android. Free to use.

  1. SkyORB

3D real-time representation of the planets position around the sun, ability to point towards a visible star and planet and reveal the name and can also identify satellites and comets. Ideal for science, astrology and geography.

Available on Apple and Android. Free or annual premium membership for £2.49 per year.

  1. LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Education EV3

The application to go with the programmable robotics construction set that gives you power to build, program and command your own LEGO robots. With challenges and ideas also available on the application, every lesson will be different. Explore great science projects, engineering, technology and programming.

Available on Apple and Android. Free application, cost of kit varies.

  1. Osmo

Osmo is a unique educational gaming accessory that opens up your iPad to the infinite possibilities of physical play. Crafted with reflective artificial intelligence, Osmo’s advanced technology bridges the real and digital realms. Classroom kits start at $99. Download the application and let your students work at their own pace or collaboratively on a huge range of different subjects!

Available on Apple. Free application, cost of kit varies.

Our tried and tested favourite is the LEGO Mindstorms Education EV3, as it incorporates programming on a device, to engineering the robot itself. The range of skills that pupils learn from activities involving LEGO is incredible and would be an ideal part of any science or STEM lesson.

A final challenge faced when integrating technology into the classroom, is how to securely charge and store your devices. zioxi can provide solutions tailored to your needs, from code locked trolleys to slimline wall-mounted cabinets to securely store and charge iPads and tablets. For more information, please go contact us or go here.