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  • Case Studies
  • The Gordon College of Education, Israel – Teacher Training Building

The brief was to create spaces that were a change from the traditional classroom setting to encourage the students to think creatively through digital learning aids and collaborative learning styles.


The new building was to consist of a number of modern learning spaces that were designed to provide a unique learning experience based on the newest trends in the field of teaching and learning.  They were keen to include in the design, as many types of furniture with integrated IT as possible.

Zioxi designed three large classrooms spaces. Each classroom featured Zioxi P1 Computer desks arranged in various configurations. By simply pressing a button on the desk, the screen, keyboard and mouse rise out of the desk to a working position. This meant that the classrooms spaces could be easily changed from IT Suites to normal classrooms, and back again.

Zioxi enabled Gordon College’s desire for collaborative learning by designing teaching spaces to include a variety of Collaborative Tables of different sizes and shapes. In the immersive Learning Space, Zioxi used the Height Adjustable D-End Collaborative Table – these media tables can move from sitting to standing height at a push of a button.

Student breakout spaces were created in the classrooms as well as throughout the corridor space with the use of s41 Hug Seats  and s41 wired hubTables with integrated desktop powerDomes.

Our new spaces were developed from a concept that learning should take place both with physical flexibility and thus allowing for pedagogical flexibility as well. The spaces are designed so that each learner could find his or her own convenient way to develop, using the most innovative technologies available. (Limor Harari)

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Making a Collaborative Learning Space