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online course material university students and lecturers

Does online course material increase student engagement and improve grades?

Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) company D2L (Desire 2 Learn), carried out some research with 500 UK based university lecturers. They revealed that 91% of lecturers think that VLEs are useful. Things like uploading course material and gamification mean VLEs are becoming more and more popular.

Do online course materials help students?

According to the research 80% of lecturers thought that more technology options like virtual learning environments would help students get better grades and half also thought it would reduce admin.

Do students use online course material?

44% of lecturers say students want to access more course material online, 50% say students want greater accessibility and availability and 42% wanted more feedback from lecturers. Lecturers admitted a gulf in levels of understanding with 47% wanting more training and support with using systems.

Do lecturers always upload learning material to learning management systems?

There are blockers in the way of using these systems and although lecturers say that they are beneficial there are many reasons that stop lecturers using them regularly. 91% of lecturers have access to learning management systems or virtual learning environments but only 56% regularly use it. Of the 56% that use the systems regularly 75% upload course material and 36 use gamification to engage students.

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