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Good looking & Intelligent!

At zioxi we are proud of our products and especially our bestselling trolleys for use with laptops, Chromebooks and tablets. We have a design thinking, user-centred ethos and we put our customers at the very centre of everything we do. We make trolleys easy and convenient for everyday use and think about every detail. For instance, the construction of our trolleys allows devices to stay connected to wifi when they are inside so that they can download system updates.

Good looking

Tablet and laptop charging trolleys can look out of place in learning spaces. Their bulky, metal appearance can be out of keeping with other classroom furniture.

It doesn’t have to be that way!

We are very proud of our design team at zioxi. Our charging trolleys are designed and built in the UK with functionality and aesthetics firmly in mind. The styling employed by your trolley is in keeping with your learning spaces which means they blend in to teaching environments. We have even had reports of a burglary where the assailant missed the zioxi trolleys because they fit in so well. Suffice to say the other brand were wheeled away full of laptops and never seen again!

…and Intelligent!

We are constantly upgrading and updating and listen to our customer’s needs. This has allowed us to develop the most advanced trolley yet! Through our online system, onView, your trolley can notify you if it is not plugged in for charging, it can tell you how many laptops or tablets are charging – so can see if one is missing or not plugged in. You can even set your trolley to green mode, where our technology will talk to the grid to ascertain when it is fed most by renewable sources and charge at those times. onView gives you the power to control your trolley through the web wherever you are.

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