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iPad Charging Trolleys for Schools

The technological era we live in has transformed the way we work, communicate, and learn. A tool at the forefront of this transformation is the iPad. iPads have not only become a household staple but are now an integral part of many institutional settings, such as schools, colleges and businesses. To manage multiple iPads efficiently, especially in larger settings, the iPad Trolley is an essential solution. In this post, we’ll delve deep into iPad Trolleys, their significance, and how they revolutionize the way institutions handle device management.

The iPad Revolution in Institutions

Before we dive into the specifics of the iPad Trolley, it’s essential to understand the impact of iPads in schools and businesses. According to a recent survey, over 70% of educational institutions in developed countries use tablets as a teaching tool, with iPads being the most popular choice. The ease of use, interactive apps, and the ability to personalize learning makes them a preferred choice.

However, managing dozens, or even hundreds, of these devices presents a challenge. That’s where solutions like the iPad Trolley come in.

What is an iPad Trolley?

An iPad Trolley is a specially designed storage unit, equipped with multiple charging points, that securely holds and charges iPads. These trolleys are built with ease of use, safety and mobility in mind. Imagine the need to charge 32 iPads after a day of use in a classroom or at a workshop. Plugging each into a separate socket would be impractical and time-consuming. With an iPad Trolley, the task becomes straightforward: simply slot the iPads in the trolley, connect their USB cables and they all charge simultaneously.

zioxi, one of the trusted brands in this domain, has created solutions that emphasize ease of use, security, and device longevity.

Why the iPad Charging Trolley is Essential

Simplified Charging

The primary function of the iPad charging trolley is to charge multiple iPads at once. Charging becomes a seamless process without the clutter of tangled cables or the need for numerous power outlets.

Secure Storage

Safety is paramount, especially in public or shared spaces. The iPad Trolley provides a centralized and secure location for storing iPads, reducing the risk of theft or misplacement. Brands like zioxi emphasize security in their designs, ensuring devices are protected from both external threats and potential internal damages.

Mobility and Flexibility

One of the significant advantages of an iPad Trolley is its mobility. Whether you need to move devices between classrooms in schools or across different departments in a business setting, the iPad Trolley makes transportation much easier.

The Increasing Popularity of an iPad Trolley for Schools

iPad trolleys for schools have become increasingly prevalent. In an environment where technology drives learning, iPads play a pivotal role in enhancing the educational experience. The benefits extend beyond just the classroom:

  1. Easy Deployment: Teachers can swiftly distribute and collect iPads to different school classrooms, ensuring no time is wasted.
  2. Managed Screen Time: By centralizing storage, educators can control the duration and purpose of iPad usage.
  3. Enhanced Collaboration: Mobile trolleys encourage group activities and collaborative projects, given the ease of accessing shared resources.

Moreover, considering the substantial investment schools make in procuring iPads, the iPad charging trolley for schools offers a protective environment, ensuring the longevity of the devices.

Whether it’s the seamless charging capability, secure storage, or the added flexibility of mobility, the iPad Trolley is more than just a storage unit; it’s a testament to how institutions are evolving to create efficient, tech-driven environments. If you’re part of an institution, whether educational or business-related, considering an investment in technology, don’t overlook the immense value an iPad Trolley can bring to your organization.

Secure, compact and tidy Charging Cabinets for iPads

With the rise of technology, the use of iPads in various settings such as schools, offices and public spaces has become commonplace. As such, managing the charging of multiple devices simultaneously is a necessity. Enter the iPad Charging Cabinet – a great solution that provides both security and efficient charging.

The Rising Need for Efficient Charging Solutions

According to a recent study, the global tablet market is expected to grow by approximately 5.6% from 2021 to 2026. As iPads constitute a significant portion of this market, the need for efficient, robust and secure charging solutions becomes more critical. Moreover, institutions like schools and businesses often require multiple devices to be charged simultaneously, and individual chargers can become both a logistical nightmare and a safety hazard.

This is where the iPad Charging Cabinet comes in. Not only does it offer a convenient solution for charging multiple devices at once, but it also ensures that the devices are kept secure.

Benefits of the iPad Charging Cabinet

Centralized Charging

Having one central location for all devices ensures that iPads are always ready for use. It reduces clutter, enhances organization and simplifies the use process.

Security and Peace of Mind

The iPad charging station lockable feature is a key requirement. Devices are significant investments, and their security is paramount. With an iPad Charging Cabinet, you can be sure that your devices are protected from unauthorized access or theft. The best solutions, like those from zioxi, offer different locking solutions such as RFID card access and digital code locks with keypads, as well as the standard key locks. Choosing a solution with a master key override is always beneficial in the long run.

Efficient Power Management

These cabinets are designed to ensure that all devices receive consistent and adequate power. This not only ensures fast charging but can also help prolong device battery life.


While its primary function might be for iPads, some cabinets, such as those from zioxi, can accommodate other devices as well such as Samsung tablets or Amazon eReaders, making them versatile solutions for tech-centric environments.

Addressing the Concern of Portability

When thinking about a cabinet, one might be concerned about its portability. However, modern designs have considered this aspect. Many cabinets come with wheels, making it easy to move them from one location to another, whether within a building or across a campus. These mobile solutions are typically referred to as charging trolleys.

Locking Mechanism: Ensuring Your Devices Are Safe

One of the standout features of the iPad Charging Cabinet is the iPad charging lock box. This compartment ensures that the devices are not only protected from potential damage but also from unauthorized access. Given the value of the technology and the data stored within, this feature is indispensable for institutions and businesses alike.

Integrating Technology with Practicality

While the iPad Charging Cabinet is indeed a technological solution, it’s also deeply rooted in practicality. Design considerations ensure that the cabinet can easily blend into any environment, be it a modern office space or a classroom. Brands like zioxi emphasize both aesthetics and functionality in their designs, ensuring that the cabinets are not just utilitarian but also visually appealing. Especially important is cable management – the best solutions present only a short length of retained charging cable at the front of each device ensuring USB cables can be kept neat and tidy, and critically can’t be removed.

Addressing Environmental Concerns

In today’s world, sustainability and environmental concerns are at the forefront of many decisions. It’s reassuring to note that many iPad Charging Cabinets, including those by zioxi, are designed with this in mind. They often incorporate sustainably sourced eco-friendly or re-cycled materials and energy-efficient charging solutions, ensuring that while we charge our devices, we are also kind to our planet.

The Future of iPad Charging Solutions

As technology continues to evolve, the demand for efficient, secure, and eco-friendly charging solutions will only increase. The iPad Charging Cabinet, with its adaptability, security features, and emphasis on sustainability, is poised to meet these demands head-on.

The next time you’re in a setting with multiple iPads and wonder about the best way to manage their charging and security, consider the iPad Charging Cabinet. Whether you’re already familiar with this solution or are just learning about it, it’s clear that its benefits are undeniable. With brands like zioxi leading the charge, we can look forward to even more innovations in this space.

Possible gas supply disruption amid the payment stand-off with Russia has led to the German government urging all energy consumers to put immediate plans in place to reduce energy consumption. If fuel supplies reduce, Germany’s network regulator can ration gas supplies, with industry being first in line for cuts. Households, social services and emergency services would get priority.

“Expanding wind power is more crucial than ever because of the ongoing climate crisis, but also because of the war in Ukraine and the need to stop Russian energy imports…. every kilowatt-hour counts”.

Robert Habeck, German Vice Chancellor and Minister for the Economy and Climate Protection

Smart charge with Zioxi

In schools, colleges, the public sector, industry and commercial workplaces across Germany, Zioxi onView is already helping customers reduce their carbon emissions and save money.

Zioxi onView is a web app that works with a small computer built into zioxi charging furniture, which means you can remotely control and monitor multiple charging IT devices. Zioxi onView can do many things, including:

  • automatically scheduling your charging trolley, cabinet or locker to maximise the use of green, renewable energy to keep your devices fully charged.
  • using energy more sparingly. The software detects when devices are fully charged and then cuts the power to individual chargers, which prolongs battery life by avoiding constant top-up charging. 
  • automatic charge scheduling to save money, by only charging devices during the night when electricity is €0.20 / kWh, not €0.30 in the daytime. 

If you run 32 laptops, we estimate that you can reduce your laptop energy bill by nearly two thirds in one year. That’s a reduction in COemissions of nearly a tonne.

Towards independence from fossil fuels

One way to reduce energy consumption is to pay closer attention to when we choose to use energy. 

“the best kind of energy is the one we do not consume in the first place… Never before has it been so important to use energy sensibly and sparingly and to reduce consumption. Because every contribution counts”. 

The BMWK ministry, on the Efficiency Campaign website

Zioxi helps you reach net zero

Find out about zioxi onView charging trolleys, cabinets, lockers, power hubs and tables here.

As you know Covid-19 is spread through infected patients coughing and releasing as many as 3000 water droplets from their nose and mouth into their environment. Even the most diligent covering of the mouth with handkerchief or arm crook can result in the release of some of these droplets. These droplets will land on handles, IT equipment and anything in the local environment. The droplets can also be transferred by the infected patient’s hands to all the things that they use and that other people use, like shared laptops and charging trolleys. The virus is also spread by people not washing their hands after visiting the toilet, but we won’t go into that… See this article in Nature for more details!


How long does Covid-19 virus last for on a surface or laptop?

In an article published in the Journal of Hospital Infection there is evidence that the virus can survive for as long as 9 days on some surfaces and up to 28 days in low temperatures!

What do I need to do to disinfect my school laptops and charging trolleys?

In another article in the Journal of Hospital Infection evidence shows that the Coronavirus can be killed quickly and effectively. Here is what will kill Coronavirus:

  • Water and detergent or soap is highly effective – the soap breaks down the virus’s outer coating made from lipids (fat) and the RND / DNA of the virus is then vulnerable and it falls apart very quickly.
  • Alcohol over 61% (although the WHO recommends about 70%) – this can be hard to get hold of, and hand application “anti-bac” is in short supply now. It may also discolour some plastics.
  • Bleach Hydrogen peroxide bleach at 0.5% or household bleach with sodium hypochlorite at 0.1% will kill almost all germs – the drawbacks are that it can damage your skin and the materials that you put it on.

And be aware that cleaning products with only an active ingredient of 0.05–0.2% benzalkonium chloride or 0.02% chlorhexidine digluconate are less effective.

what kills covid19 on laptops and school equipment

How do I make sure that laptops and charging trolleys and other surfaces are properly disinfected?

You should scrub. Make sure that the cleaning products that you are using have touched every surface and that there is a wet sheen across everything. Laptop screens and keys should be shiny with the cleaning product all over. Obviously be careful not to damage the product by applying too much liquid, but be thorough. Then let the surfaces dry on their own.

It helps to have a charging cart like the zioxi charging trolleys that are easy to clean with smooth shelves and tops and few crevices and hard to get to gaps. This will make it far easier to keep disinfected.

32 laptop charging trolley
zioxi Laptop Charging Trolleys are easy to clean

So, you almost definitely want to save money on your electricity bill and you probably want to be greener too. Is there technology that can help?

A laptop manufacturer will tell you that their 16 inch laptop consumes about 50kWhs per year, costing around £7.18 or 14Kgs of CO2 with typical use. They are giving you the best case scenario here of course, which means you are charging the laptop up, discharging the battery and charging it up again, whilst also shutting the thing down after each time it is used.

So, lets be real here, we leave the thing plugged in all day and night and let’s face it… we don’t always shut down at the end of the day! Then let’s bring students into the equation. Let’s say you have a set of 32 laptops for classes. Your average student is even less likely to shut the school machine down at the end of its use and there won’t be anyone to unplug the laptops when they are fully charged. Thus, the battery is constantly being topped up which constantly be consumes energy.

With our estimations we can assume that school laptops are consuming more like 140 kWh per year. This costs around £20 and produces around 40kgs or CO2. Not terrible on its own, but if you look at your full set of 32 that is £640 and 1.2 tonnes of CO2!

Is there a smart way to reduce this?

onView from zioxi which is installed on all onView charging trolleys can solve this issue and get you back to the laptop manufacturers best case scenario and better! onView connects to your institution WiFi and is controlled with a cloud based system. Smart Charge can set the most efficient charging schedule for when all the laptops are needed the next day. It will stop charging when laptop batteries are fully charged. Even more impressive is Green Charge. This technology receives information from the national grid for when renewable energy providing the most energy and charges at the most CO2 efficient times!

Thus, you can reduce your laptops energy bill from £640 to around £230 – a saving of £410! And you could reduce your related CO2 emissions to more like 250kgs of CO2 a massive saving of nearly a tonne!

To find out more about onView laptop trolleys click here or give us a call on +44 (0)1844 280123.

From our tablet trolley that only charge when renewables are powering the grid to BYOD lockers to slimline wall mounted laptop charging cabinets, we pride our charging solutions for being good looking, connected and simple to use. Whatever your organisation uses, be it: iPads, Tablets, MacBooks, Chromebooks or Smartphones… we have charging solutions for your devices. Charge and storage securely and in style.

Which charging device should I get?

Use our charging product guide to find the right charging solution for you. Do you need a Chromebook trolley for a classroom? Or a 1:1 or BYOD iPad charging locker for an Airbnb or student halls or a public device Charge & Store cabinet for your building? zioxi has you covered. Our charging product guide helps you compare each product and identify the right fit for your multi device charging needs.


Zioxi charging products video


Smart trolleys

zioxi’s charging lockers, trolleys and cabinets incorporate our onView system to make charging your devices easier, more efficient and more environmentally friendly.

onView also provides local, web and automatic schedule control, configurable rule based alerts to flag when trolleys aren’t plugged in, locked in or in the right location at the end of the day; and powerful status and usage information like how many devices are charging, whether charging has completed and how much a trolley is used.

Sustainability and the environment

onView helps us do more for the environment. We offer our customers a green charge option so you can choose to charge your devices when energy from renewable sources are most prominently supplying the grid. Sustainability is also at the centre of our design thinking; all our charging trolleys are built from recyclable materials and any plastic elements are already recycled.

Looking for the best laptop storage ideas?

The Importance of Proper Laptop Storage

Laptops, with their sleek design and portability, have become an indispensable tool for many people worldwide. As such, it’s crucial to store them correctly to ensure their longevity and protect them from potential damages.

What to Look for in Laptop Storage

Protection and Security

The primary purpose of laptop storage is to keep the device safe. This means protection not only from physical damage but also from dust, moisture, and potential theft. Brands like Zioxi offer storage solutions that focus on the security and well-being of your electronic device.

Accessibility and Convenience

While security is essential, it’s also important for your laptop storage to offer easy access. Flat, easy clean shelves that enable a laptop to be easily slid in & out on their feet avoids wear on the laptop sides & hinges. Doors that fold back 270 degrees right out of the way avoid accidents and make retrieving laptops easy for any age group. These sort of features ensure that you can quickly grab your device when you need it, without any hassle.


Laptops can heat up when stored left powered on or when charging. Therefore, laptop storage should provide adequate ventilation to prevent overheating. Well designed, silent convection based ventilation avoids the noise and reliability issues that can be associated with mechanical fans.

Laptop Storage Ideas for Every User

Whether you’re a student, professional, or just someone who enjoys browsing the web, there are various laptop storage ideas tailored to meet different needs, including:

Wall-mounted Solutions

Perfect for those who want to save space. Wall mounted storage cabinets, such as some designs by Zioxi, are innovative and with their slimline profiles can easily be incorporated into any room or corridor.

Mobile Storage Carts

For those who need to move multiple laptops from one place to another, mobile storage carts are ideal. They’re not only efficient but also offer good protection for the stored laptops.

Transporter Cases

Mobile cases which can store up to 20 laptops or tablet computers are useful where mobile devices need to be transported up & down stairs, between buildings or out and about. Given the requirement for portability, the weight of the storage case is a key factor in choosing a suitable design.

Traditional Laptop Bags and Cases

While not a stationary storage option, laptop bags and cases are perfect for people on the go. Ensure they provide adequate cushioning and are typically made of durable material.

Ensuring that you have the right storage for your laptop is crucial for its lifespan and functionality. With the various laptop storage ideas available, you can find a solution that fits your needs. Remember, brands like Zioxi offer a wide range of innovative storage solutions that focus on both protection and convenience, making it easier for you to choose the best option for your device.

The key features of the best Laptop Charging Trolleys

The modern age and Christmas has ushered in numerous technological advancements, and with them, the increasing need to have devices charged and ready for use. For institutions like schools, colleges, and corporate offices, managing multiple devices efficiently is essential. This is where the concept of a charging trolley for laptops and other mobile devices comes into play. With the growing need for mobile devices, especially in educational settings, the relevance of a laptop charging cabinet is more pronounced than ever.

Understanding the Need for a Charging Solution

Think about a school setting. Laptops and tablets have become integral parts of the learning process. Now, imagine the chaos if there were no centralized system to charge these devices. Teachers would be scrambling to find power outlets, students might be distracted with low-battery notifications, and the overall learning experience would suffer.

Recent studies show that over 70% of schools now use tablets or laptops as part of their curriculum. The need for an efficient charging solution is therefore essential. The charging trolley for tablets and laptops ensures that every device is charged, secure, and ready to use.

What is a Laptop Charging Cabinet?

A laptop charging cabinet, often referred to as a charging trolley for laptops, is a dedicated storage unit designed to charge multiple laptops or tablets simultaneously. These cabinets are not only about charging; they also provide a secure storage solution, ensuring that the devices are safe from potential mishandling or theft.

Key Features to Look For

  1. Capacity: Depending on the number of devices you need to manage, choose a charging trolley that has the capacity to accommodate your needs. Typical charging trolley capacities range from 10 to 40 laptops or tablets. Increasing size brings 2 issues to consider – the overall weight of the trolley and maximum input current required for charging.
  2. Ventilation: Proper ventilation ensures that the devices do not overheat during charging. In a classroom convection cooling is usually a better solution so there’s no noise disturbance from mechanical fans.
  3. Security: Look for trolleys with lock mechanisms to prevent unauthorized access. Most trolleys are equiped with key locks but the use of digital code locks or even RFID access card locks removes the problems associated with managing keys, especially where there are multiple users.
  4. Mobility: A charging trolley that is light weight and easily manoeuvred is important for ease of use. Lockable wheels and handles are essential if the trolley needs to be moved between rooms or buildings.
  5. Cable Management: A charging trolley full of laptops has a lot of cables. An easy & quick way of tidying and securing laptop cables is essential, ideally with only a short length of USB or DC power cable presented to each device.

Why Laptop Trolleys for Schools are so popular?

Laptop trolleys for schools are not just a luxury; they are a necessity. Here’s why:

  • Organized Charging: With multiple laptops in use, schools find it easier to charge all devices at one central location.
  • Safety and Security: Devices, when not in use, are safely stored, reducing the risk of damages or theft.
  • Efficiency: Teachers don’t have to worry about students’ devices running out of charge during a lesson.
  • Space-saving: Instead of having charging stations spread out, a centralized solution saves space.

Among the brands offering these solutions, zioxi stands out for its innovative design and attention to the needs of educational institutions. The brand has been recognized for providing reliable solutions, especially when it comes to laptop trolleys for schools.

Benefits of Charging Trolley for Tablets

Tablets, with their portability and ease of use, are popular in various sectors, not just education. Here’s why a charging trolley for tablets is beneficial:

  • Easy Management: Tablets can be easily catalogued and managed when stored in a trolley.
  • Quick Charging: With dedicated charging points, multiple tablets can be charged simultaneously.
  • Reduced Clutter: With cables and devices all in neatly managed one place, there’s less clutter and more organization.

Ensuring Longevity of Devices with Proper Charging

One of the unsung benefits of using a laptop charging cabinet is the potential increase in the lifespan of the devices. By ensuring that devices are charged in a controlled environment, with proper ventilation, the risks of overheating or overcharging are reduced. This proper care can lead to devices having a longer usable battery life, resulting in cost savings in the long run.

The mention of zioxi earlier brings to mind the brand’s commitment to providing solutions that prioritize the longevity of devices. Their products are designed with user needs in mind, ensuring that devices are not just charged but are also kept in optimal conditions.

In an age where technology is at the forefront of education and business, ensuring that devices are charged, secure, and ready to use is paramount. Whether it’s a school looking to efficiently manage its fleet of laptops or a business wanting to ensure its tablets are always ready for the next presentation, a charging solution like a laptop charging cabinet is invaluable.

With brands like zioxi leading the way in innovative solutions, it’s clear that the future of device management and charging is in good hands. As the reliance on technology grows, so too will the need for efficient, secure, and effective charging solutions.

Solutions for Charging Laptops Without Chargers

Alternative Charging Methods

When you’re in a pinch and don’t have your laptop charger, there are still ways you can give your device some juice. Some of these methods may not provide as much power as a traditional charger, but they can be lifesavers in emergency situations.

External Battery Packs

One of the most common solutions for charging on the go is using an external battery pack. These devices store power and allow you to charge various gadgets. When selecting one, ensure that it has the necessary voltage and connector for your laptop. The move to using USB C Power Delivery is making charging from a USB-C power bank much easier.

Universal Power Adapters

These are versatile tools that come with various tip sizes to fit a range of devices. If you’re considering this option, ensure it’s compatible with your laptop’s make and model.

Using a Charging Trolley

A charging trolley for laptops is essentially a mobile storage solution that can simultaneously charge multiple laptops using an integrated power source. Brands like zioxi offer trolleys designed with ergonomics and efficiency in mind. This is especially useful in educational or corporate environments where many laptops need to be charged at once.

How Charging Trolleys Work

Charging trolleys are equipped with multiple compartments or shelves, each with its own charging cable or port. The laptops are stored safely, and their batteries are replenished simultaneously. With a trolley, there’s no need to wait for one laptop to finish charging before starting on the next (as long as the total maximum power requirement of all the laptop chargers is less than the maximum supported input current of the external socket and circuit).

zioxi’s Offering in the Realm of Charging Solutions

zioxi’s charging trolleys stand out because of their design, ease of use and robustness. The charging trolleys are equipped with wheels, making them easy to move from one room to another. Plus, their built-in ventilation ensures that laptops remain cool during the charging process helping to prolong battery life.

Other Innovations

Solar-powered Laptop Chargers

Harnessing the power of the sun, these chargers can be an eco-friendly solution, especially if you’re outdoors. They may not be as fast as traditional chargers, but they can be handy in off-grid situations.

Car Chargers

If you spend a lot of time on the road, consider getting a car charger for your laptop. These devices plug into your vehicle’s 12V socket and provide power to your laptop.

It’s always good to have backup options for charging your devices. Whether it’s the portability of an external battery pack, the versatility of a universal power adapter, or the multi-device charging capability of a zioxi charging trolley for laptops, there are various ways to ensure your laptop remains powered up when you need it most.


What to look for in Laptop Storage

Laptop storage has increasingly become a point of concern for many, as we continue to shift to more digitized ways of living and working. Whether you’re an individual with a single laptop or an organization managing a multitude of devices, having a dedicated storage solution is essential. Not only does it aid in organization and accessibility, but it also ensures the longevity and maintenance of your devices.

The Importance of Adequate Laptop Storage

Why is Laptop Storage Crucial?

A laptop, for many, is not just a device; it’s an investment. Protecting this investment goes beyond installing the latest antivirus software. Physically storing a laptop in a safe and secure environment can prevent unwanted damage, unnecessary wear and tear, and even theft.

Did you know? According to a report in 2021, around 70% of businesses suffered from at least one misplaced or stolen laptop, emphasizing the importance of secure storage solutions.

Advantages of Organized Laptop Storage

Organized laptop storage can:

  1. Boost Productivity: Easily accessing your laptop means less time spent looking for it.
  2. Extend Laptop Lifespan: Safe storage avoids laptops being at risk of being dropped or mishandled.
  3. Enhance Security: Many storage solutions come with lock mechanisms such as digital code locks, ensuring that unauthorized individuals can’t easily access your device.

Innovative Laptop Storage Ideas

There’s a wide array of laptop storage ideas available in today’s market. These solutions are designed to cater to various needs, from individual use to large-scale organizational requirements.

Laptop Cabinet: A Sturdy Option

Laptop cabinets are robust and designed to house multiple laptops. These cabinets are especially beneficial for institutions like schools, universities, or businesses. One of the renowned brands offering such solutions is zioxi. Their laptop cabinets are known for durability and advanced security features.

Laptop Storage Unit: For Streamlined Organization

A laptop storage unit is a blend of aesthetics and functionality. While it provides a secure space for your laptop, it’s also designed to seamlessly blend into your room or office decor. These units can be wall-mounted or freestanding, depending on the user’s preference.

DIY and Creative Solutions

Beyond the traditional storage solutions, there are countless DIY and innovative laptop storage ideas that one can explore. Wall-mounted racks, customized drawers and dedicated shelving are just a few examples.

Fun Fact: A recent survey found that 35% of individuals prefer DIY storage solutions for their personal spaces, showcasing the growing trend of personalized organization.

How To Choose The Right Laptop Storage Solution

When looking for a laptop storage solution, several factors should be considered:

  1. Purpose: Determine if the storage is for personal use, a family with multiple laptops, or an organization.
  2. Capacity: Establish how many laptops need to be stored. While a laptop storage unit might be apt for personal use, a laptop cabinet might be more suited for larger capacities. Laptop cabinet capacities can vary from 4 to 40 devices.
  3. Security Features: Depending on the location and accessibility, decide on the level of security needed. Lock options include standard key locks, digital code locks with master override keys and RFID access card locks.
  4. Space Constraints: Ensure the storage solution fits seamlessly into the designated space without doors fouling with adjacent objects when open.
  5. Brand Reputation: Trusted brands like zioxi provide high quality and reliable solutions.

Ensuring Longevity and Security

As our reliance on laptops continues to grow, the importance of effective laptop storage cannot be understated. By implementing the right storage solutions, one can ensure the longevity, security, and accessibility of laptop devices.

Laptop storage is more than just a place to keep your device; it’s a commitment to protect and care for the device that’s become an integral part of our daily lives. Whether you opt for a laptop cabinet, a stylish laptop storage unit, or dive into the world of DIY laptop storage ideas, the core purpose is safe, organized, and easy access to your valuable devices.

While there’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to laptop storage, understanding your unique needs and researching various options can pave the way for a solution that’s perfect for you. And if you ever find yourself overwhelmed with options, remember brands like zioxi that have built their reputation on quality and customer satisfaction in the world of laptop storage.

Solutions for laptop charging without a charger

When it comes to charging our laptops, the first thing most of us think about is plugging in the standard charger that came with the device. However, what if you don’t have your charger on hand or it’s damaged? Is there a way to power up your laptop without it? The answer is yes, there are alternative methods.

Alternative Charging Methods

USB-C Charging

Many modern laptops come equipped with USB-C ports that support charging. If you have a USB-C cable and a power source, such as a USB-C compatible power bank, you can potentially charge your USB C laptop. This is especially convenient if you’ve misplaced your charger or if, for instance, you’re aware of laptop charger prices and are looking for a more economical solution.

Universal Laptop Chargers

Universal laptop chargers are designed to fit a wide range of laptop brands and models. While it’s important to ensure compatibility before using one, these can be a life-saver in emergencies. Brands like zioxi offer solutions that can help in such situations.

External Battery Packs

There are battery packs available that can charge a variety of devices, including laptops. It’s essential to check that the battery pack you’re considering has the right voltage and connectors for your laptop. The transition to USB C charging makes it easier to find a compatible power bank.

Safety First

Remember, not all charging methods are created equal. It’s vital to ensure that whatever alternative you choose is electrically safe and compatible with your laptop. Overcharging or using a method not suitable for your laptop could cause damage or even be dangerous. Always refer to your laptop’s manual and specifications before trying an alternative charging method.

If you’re in doubt or need more guidance, seeking advice from professionals or reputable brands like zioxi is a wise move. They often have expert knowledge and can guide you to make the right decision for your device.

While the traditional charger is the go-to method for most, it’s comforting to know that there are alternatives out there for those unexpected situations. Whether you’re exploring options based on the Intel laptop charger price or are simply in need of a quick fix, these alternative methods offer versatile solutions for your charging needs.


Lockers for storing and charging iPads

The age of technology has revolutionized the way we function, learn, and engage. iPads, in particular, have become increasingly prevalent in schools, universities, offices and homes. With such widespread use, ensuring the security and longevity of these devices is of utmost importance. This is where the  iPad Storage Locker  comes into play.

Understanding the Importance of iPad Lockers

iPads, like all gadgets, are susceptible to wear and tear, especially when used by multiple individuals. They can get misplaced or accidentally damaged. The iPad locker provides a safeguard against these issues. Not only does it ensure physical protection but also helps in organizing multiple devices, especially in schools or work spaces.

With the rise in the adoption of technology in classrooms, many educational institutions have integrated iPads into their teaching methods. For example, a survey from the US National Center for Education Statistics reveals that over 60% of teachers report using tablets or iPads in their classrooms for instructional purposes. This number only emphasizes the importance of an efficient storage solution.

Benefits of Using an iPad Charging Locker

One of the essential aspects of the iPad Storage Locker is its ability to charge the devices while they’re safely stored. An iPad charging locker is a boon for settings where multiple devices need charging simultaneously, ensuring they’re always ready for use. Here are some of the benefits:

Seamless Charging

Imagine a classroom or an office where 20 or more iPads need charging. The chaos of tangled cords and the hunt for available sockets can be maddening. With an iPad charging locker, you can charge multiple devices in one centralized location. It’s efficient and ensures that every device gets an equal charge.

Organized Storage

While iPads are robust, they are not immune to scratches or damages when left carelessly on desks or in bags. The iPad locker ensures that each device has its dedicated space, minimizing the chances of accidental damage.

Enhanced Security

Safety and security are paramount. The high value of iPads makes them susceptible to theft. Having them locked away when not in use can be a deterrent to potential thieves. Plus, the secure storage can be organized to ensure that the devices are only accessible to authorized individuals.

zioxi: A Trusted Name in the Industry

One brand that stands out in this domain is zioxi. With a commitment to innovation and user-centric designs, zioxi has carved a niche for itself in offering solutions tailored to the tech-driven environments of today. Their iPad Storage Locker offerings prioritize user convenience, efficiency, security and safety.

Prolonging the Life of iPads

By using an iPad Storage Locker, not only are institutions ensuring the immediate safety of the devices, but they are also prolonging the lifespan of the iPads. Devices that are well-maintained and charged efficiently tend to have a longer functional life, ensuring that the investment in technology yields prolonged returns.

Embracing the Future with the Right Tools

In a world where technology is deeply integrated into our daily lives, ensuring its longevity and safety is not just a need but a responsibility. Whether you’re an educator looking to safeguard your classroom’s tech resources or a business aiming to keep your devices organized and ready for use, the iPad Storage Locker is an indispensable storage and charging solution.

Digital Technology is a catalyst for change in education. When it comes to learning and teaching, one size does not fit all. Technological advancements increasingly allow us to design better and more appropriate learning spaces for the 21st Century learner. Technology has thoroughly transformed the way young people engage with information and therefore has changed the way they should learn.

What does digital integration in a learning space involve?

Forbes Magazine identified 6 top digital transformation trends in education, which include augmented/ virtual/ mixed reality, classroom set of devices, redesigned learning spaces, artificial intelligence, personalised learning and gamification.

Gone are the days when teachers would stand at the front of a class and talk at students. Learning spaces are evolving along with technological advancements. Active, collaborative and connected learning spaces are now commonplace in which students have a more personalised approach to learning.

How does digital integration play a part in this?

Dynamic learning integrally uses technology to switch between different learning environments. ALTC research suggests that the most effective spaces support a range of learning environments. Students are so familiar with mobile and social technologies to display digital content that it creates a highly interlinked learning environment, putting them at the forefront of their own learning. eLearning Industry states that, ‘students today are constantly engaging with technology outside the classroom. Kids like to be interactive, and technology-based learning has now become a part of their lifestyle.’


Digital integration helps holistic approaches to learning

A holistic approach to learning combined with digital technology and integration allows education to be a transformative process and in turn catalyses change in our classrooms. A holistic view to learning involves a lot of ‘practices’ such as debating from evidence, developing and using models, obtaining, evaluating and communicating information. Rather than just learning a list of facts or formulae this is an active approach to learning rather than a passive approach.

Digital integration and technological advancements in education are driven by evolving approaches to teaching and learning. For students and teachers to benefit fully from the digital integration that is becoming available to them, they must be willing to evolve too. Holistic approaches allow students to reap the full benefits of having flexible and agile classrooms in which they can use technology to research and gather information on one hand but can then discard it in order to discuss and debate with peers at a collaborative desk. Integrated IT tables with built in monitors enable you to push up or push down for the computer at will allowing for digital research when needed. Digital integration is the key to opening the future for collaborative and student-led learning. Technology enables students to create their own learning space and agenda.


So, an intelligent classroom or learning space is required to match these demands. Here at zioxi EdTech is embedded in everything we do. Technological integration and digital devices are at the forefront of our design and purpose. From our integrated IT tables with powered monitors, to our circular and rectangular collaborative tables, to our laptop and mobile device charging trolleys and moveable powerHubs. zioxi has you covered in every way to help you integrate technology and digital devices into every aspect of your learning and teaching, in turn benefiting the flexible and agile 21st Century learner in any which way.

Energy firms in the UK have been able to increase bills by 54% following the introduction of the new cap on 1 April, so millions of customers in England, Scotland and Wales will be paying a lot more for their electricity and gas. The increase is driven by a record rise in global gas prices over the last 6 months, with wholesale prices quadrupling in the last year alone.

Astronomical energy price increases for Education

Schools and colleges are facing unprecedented bill increases too – the Department for Education said they “recognise schools may be facing cost pressures in the coming months, particularly where energy prices have increased”. According to Tes, schools are being hit with “astronomical” gas and electricity bills that are swamping their budgets. 

Headteachers have requested that the DfE take this crisis seriously and “at least talk to schools” about this, as for some the extra spending on energy bills equates to the cost of several new teaching assistants, a teacher or even means redundancies. The pandemic has amplified cost concerns further by having to keep classroom windows open to reduce the spread of Covid.

Many are researching new ways of making their sites more energy efficient, since the less energy used, the lower the bill. 

One school trying to find a new deal is Wales High School, in Sheffield. Headteacher Pepe Di’Iasio, said he was expecting a major financial hit when he managed to secure a deal with the energy supplier.

Our initial research is showing that we are looking to incur price increases for each month from what is now an average of £5,000 each month to almost £9,800 while for gas we have an anticipated increase of an additional £1,700 each month to around £5,000. We’ve pulled together a ‘green’ section to our capital development plan, which will see the school investing in energy-saving strategies connected to full LED lighting throughout the school and the investment in a solar panel scheme following this.

Pepe DiIasio

In schools and colleges across the UK and Europe, zioxi onView is already helping customers save money and reduce their carbon emissions. Zioxi onView is a web app that works with a small computer built into our charging trolleys, cabinets and lockers so you can control and monitor the charging of multiple IT devices remotely, from your mobile phone. 

You’ll use less energy with zioxi onView, and when devices are charging, green energy is sourced at the times of the day when renewable energy sources are at peak availability (from a data interface with the National Grid). 

If you run 32 laptops, we estimate that you can reduce your laptop energy bill by nearly two thirds. 

Save ££’s in your place of learning

Find out about zioxi onView charging trolleys, cabinets and lockers here.

We are excited to announce our new catalogue for 2022! It’s full of new products, inspirational spaces and case studies to help you get the most out of your spaces.

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zioxi 2022 Product Catalogue

The 2022 zioxi Catalogue is here

This year our catalogue is packed full of smart products that help the seamless use of technology in learning spaces and work places – from our stylish, intelligent RFID Volt lockers to the new USB-C enabled charging trolleys and cabinets – all products that connect furniture with technology.

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Everything we do, from the clothes we wear, to the food we eat, releases greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, and in doing so has an impact on the planet’s climate. But some of our activities have a far greater impact than others. Around 2.4% of global CO2 emissions come from aviation, this industry alone is responsible for around 5% of total global warming.

The global COVID-19 lockdowns resulted in carbon dioxide emissions declining by an estimated 6.4% or 2.4 billion tonnes in 2020, as the pandemic quashed economic and social activities worldwide. Emissions from transport accounted for the largest share of the global decrease. Car journeys fell by approximately half at the peak of the COVID lockdowns, and by December 2020, emissions from road transport and aviation combined were still far below their 2019 levels – with aviation alone some 40% lower than pre-pandemic levels.

Going forward businesses can prioritise the use of conference or video calls, and instant messaging platforms can also play a part. When coronavirus ravaged the world, nearly all meetings and conferences pivoted to virtual models with us learning to embrace technology and learn skills in virtual communication. Many may feel that virtual networking cannot replace face-to-face time, but in terms of reducing our carbon footprint – conversing virtually can make a great impact.

This year zioxi has successfully completed three major international projects, where all space planning, project managing and the installation of the furniture itself, has been managed remotely from the UK. Our first international project in Foshan, China took place amid the first coronavirus lockdown in 2020, this was swiftly followed by projects at Gordon College in Israel and El Rabwa Educational Complex in Egypt. The most recent project in New Mustakbal City in New Cairo, is the beginning of a large project that zioxi has had the honour to work on, and which will be managed entirely virtually.

Through meticulous planning, furniture was manufactured in the UK, and transported via sea. Teams of local people were then able to unload and install the furniture using plans and instructions sent digitally with numerous facetime calls, WhatsApp group messages and more. The furniture was built and placed in situ and the overall results were tremendous.

It is one step on our road to lower the carbon footprint of zioxi – but on a global scale – this could be the beginning of a healthier planet.

Great Britain’s electricity system recorded its greenest ever day on bank holiday Monday as sunshine and windy weather led to a surge in renewable energy. At its peak on Monday 5th April 2021, zero-carbon sources made up 80 per cent of the UK’s energy mix. Whilst a large proportion of the population sat down to enjoy their Easter lunch, wind turbines and solar farms generated 60% of all electricity, whilst the UK’s nuclear reactors provided an additional 16%, meaning that almost 80% of the grid was powered by low-carbon sources. This effective combination of green energy sources meant that power plants in England, Scotland and Wales produced only 39g of carbon dioxide for every kilowatt-hour of electricity consumed, which according to the National Grid’s Electricity System Operator (ESO), is the lowest carbon intensity recorded since National Grid records began in 1935!

This impressive result was achieved due to a combination of factors. Take the ingredients of sunny, windy weather conditions on a bank holiday, when factories and large industries are not working – coupled with a national lockdown, and you are sure to cook up some impressive figures!

To put this into context, the very next day, 24.8% of Britain’s energy came from fossil fuels, most of which was gas (combined cycle), whilst 45.2% was a renewable energy source. The real test for renewables comes however, when we are faced with a cold, still, overcast winter’s day, when the demand for heating and lighting soars, and the ability to produce wind-power is non-existent. But as investments in renewables increases, breaking records for green energy production is surely something we will become increasingly more accustomed to.

The way in which the UK harnesses power has changed over recent years, It is now a fairly regular occurrence for more than half of the grid’s electricity to be supplied by wind, while last year the country went 55 days without relying on coal for power in the summer of 2020.

Becoming Carbon-free by 2025

National Grid ESO director, Fintan Slye stated: “This latest record is another example of how the grid continues to transform at an astonishing rate as we move away from fossil fuel generation and harness the growth of renewable power sources. It’s an exciting time, and the progress we’re seeing with these records underlines the significant strides we’re taking towards our ambition of being able to operate the system carbon-free by 2025.”

Over 2020 as a whole, carbon intensity fell to 181g of CO²/kWh, which was in part caused by the collapse in demand for electricity during the Coronavirus lockdowns. To stay on track with the UK’s climate targets the electricity industry will need to cut its carbon intensity to 50g of CO²/kWh by 2030, so there is still a long way to go and each and every person needs to play their part in this global challenge.

How is Zioxi helping to reduce Carbon Emissions ?

Here at zioxi we are committed to helping you use less energy in schools, universities and businesses. Therefore, we have developed our onView technology which has an automatic ‘Green Charge’ function that communicates with the National Grid and forecasts when the greenest times to consume energy will be over the coming 48 hours. When you are  charging your laptops in your charging  trolley, or rechargeable powerHubs or your ipads in their charging cart you can be sure that you are only consuming energy at the times of day and night when the power generation from renewable sources is at its peak. Our onView technology can also be implemented in desks, tables, lecterns and other power consuming items of furniture so power can be automatically turned off when not in use.

The Zioxi powerHubs Towers and powerHub Surface and Cube use our onView patented technology to store Green Energy in batteries for distribution anytime and anywhere it is needed. We are committed to a greener future for all.

How has Europe managed the reopening of it’s schools?

According to reports the re-opening of schools in 22 European countries has not caused any significant increase in Coronavirus infections. This news is very welcome for the UK as many are worried about re-opening even with social distancing measures. Measures from around Europe include things like limiting class sizes to 15 pupils and in France only reopening schools in areas deemed lower risk by the government. In the Netherlands students will go back on a part time basis on the 1st June, in Norway schools have been open since late April, Germany also went back in April and has been enforcing strict in class social distancing measures with small class sizes. This approach seems to be the norm now.

How will the UK deal with reopening schools?

According to the BBC the social distancing measures in schools being discussed for June reopening are:

  • Limited class sizes (15 seems to be the suggested number)
  • Groups of students will take it in turn to study at home and at school on different days, for alternate weeks or in the morning and afternoon
  • Breaks will be taken at different times
  • Classroom layouts will be altered so that only one student is at a desk and there is a two metre gap between them and the next student.

What do teachers think about schools going back?

Teachers are obviously worried about being able to maintain social distancing in the classroom and are keen to stress that teaching methods have changed so that pupils and teachers move around more during lessons. Other teachers, like Blair Minchin in Glasgow point out that logistics for this sort of thing are hugely difficult in larger schools. Mandatory handwashing is hard to enforce and will require multiple wash stations around campus.

What can zioxi do to help with social distancing measures in schools?

So what do you need that we can help with? Ideally desks that are agile and designed for a single student, but that can fit together with other desks and also be used in groups when lockdown is over. The zioxi t41 single desk is strong, light and easy to move around and it’s designed for a single student. But they can also be clustered together and stacked away if space is needed. And the top is made from highly resilient compact material that can be cleaned with the toughest cleaning agents, allowing you to kill all germs in classrooms.

Wooton Primary School in Northamptonshire are using zioxi t41s and zioxi T-Chairs for social distancing as seen on BBC Breakfast News Friday 22nd May


down, many of us were becoming increasingly concerned about climate change – hopefully we are still concerned about this! We were going to publish this blog post in March and it was going to focus on February power production due to how windy it was, but of course other things took over in March… Incidentally the first quarter figures are now out for energy production so we are going to look at the quarter as a whole. To take your mind off the usual Coronavirus related alerts here is some good news!

The UK and many other nations have been building vast onshore and offshore wind farms for quite a while now and it’s making a serious impact. Some nations can now produce over 100% of their energy during very windy times and have energy left over to supply to their neighbours. Sadly, this is not the UK yet, we are talking about Denmark, Germany, and a handful of other nations. But it is extremely encouraging, nonetheless.

In the UK we are only a little behind. In 2019 renewables beat fossil fuels on 137 days, and 83 of those days coal power stations were not used at all. Considering that in 1990 75% of the UKs energy came from coal and that now it’s only 2%, this makes one feel quite good! Source The Guardian

This chart illustrates the change in energy source over the last 14 years. The grey area is wind and solar, in 2006 the figure is around 1 Twh / quarter and now it is over 18 Twh / quarter!:

Source: ofgem, click on the graph for a link to the interactive version on the ofgem website.

Electricity generation mix by quarter and fuel source 2006 to 2019 the last 12 years

Let us take a look at the amount of power generated by wind in the first quarter of 2020

If you cast your mind back to February, apart from not having to stand 2m apart in shopping queues for elusive rolls of toilet paper you may have noticed that it was exceptionally windy. Yes, this was probably in part due to climate change, but that is not what we are going to talk about! We want to explore how we took advantage of the conditions to produce greener energy. As we are looking at the whole quarter March tells an interesting tale regarding lockdown and how much energy was saved because of that too.

In the first quarter of 2020 44.6% of the UK’s energy was generated by renewables. Fossil fuels accounted for just 32.8% of generation with nuclear and imports making up the rest. Source

power generated by wind in the first quarter of 2020

Source Drax Electric Insights (another brilliant interactive graph).

Was more green energy produced in February due to high winds?

Feb 2020 Wind figure: 34.5%  of monthly supply (2019 Feb figure 21.3%, Jan 2020: 29%, Mar 2020: 28%)

In February during Storm Ciara for a short period on the morning of Saturday 8 February, wind generated 56% of the UK’s electricity, a new record at about 15GW of power! The day that followed was the highest wind generated power day to date at 44.26%. Nuclear was the second most abundant provider at just 18.4% with gas at 17.7%. Sadly the fall out from Storm Ciara meant that many people lost power to their homes all together because of infrastructure damage, so it isn’t all about massive winds, but the data does give us encouraging signs that we are on the right trajectory to becoming far less dependent on gas and other fossil fuels. Each year records are breaking because more and more turbines are supplying the grid. The government target is to grow offshore wind with £50 billion of investment so that we are producing an average 40GW by 2030. This would supply almost all of our power with nuclear taking up the strain on very calm days. Source Current News.

How much energy was saved due to Coronavirus lockdown in March 2020?

March is interesting because it shows how much energy has been saved due to the lockdown that began on the 23rd. In the first week of March demand was averaging 35.9 GWs, the second week was at 33.9 GW and the third at 33.4 GW. In the 4th week when lock down commenced we see a drop to 30.5 GW as people are working from home and industry is using less energy, but temperatures were also rising which affects demand significantly. As lockdown really took hold, demand sees an even more significant drop to 29 GW in the week commencing 29th March and 26 GW in the week commencing 5th April, which is about where it has stayed since. Data source Drax.

How much greener will we be over the whole of lockdown and will it change attitudes to the environment?

As lockdown continues analysis from energy consultants The Eco Experts have suggested that if we are locked down for 12 weeks we could save 29.2 million tonnes of CO2 emissions! Source The Eco Experts.  

In a survey conducted by The Eco Friendly Living Co of 1000 adults – where changing attitudes to sustainable living brought on by lockdown were explored, 63% of people said they would switch to greener products afterwards, 62% would stop sending food to landfill and 48% would carry on living more sustainably after lockdown.

How do you feel about going greener after lockdown?

At zioxi we are committed to helping you use less energy in schools, universities and businesses. Our onView technology has an automatic green charging function that allows it to communicate with the national grid and forecast when the greenest times to consume energy will be over the coming 48 hours. When you are charging your laptops in your charging trolley, your rechargeable powerHub or your ipads in their charging cart you can be sure that you are only consuming energy at the times of day and night when power generation from wind turbines, solar, Hydro and biofuel is at it’s peak and carbon generation at it’s lowest. Our onView technology can also be implemented in desks, tables, lecterns and other power consuming items of furniture so power can be automatically turned off when not in use – amazingly a single PC & display can still consume 15W of power when in standby with screen off. Every little helps. 

An official Procurement Policy Note has been sent out by the government to the public sector on continuing to pay suppliers for goods and services. This is to try to ensure that goods and services will continue during and after the Covid-19 lockdown and to avoid companies struggling or closing altogether resulting in the loss of these services.

The linked government briefing outlines all the actions, but this article will outline the salient points.

Even if services are disrupted or temporarily suspended payment should continue as normal. Approaches like forward ordering and payment in advance of receipt of goods and services at the order stage are being proposed. This also includes the payment of invoices issued by suppliers straight away to maintain cash flow and retain jobs.

 Who Does the Government Procurement Policy Note Apply to?

This notice is applicable to executive agencies, local authorities, the NHS, the wider public sector as well as government departments.

Why is the Government Taking These Steps?

There are two main reasons the government are asking the public sector to maintain payments to suppliers, they are:

  1. To ensure the survival of the supplier through maintained cash flow so that the service can be maintained throughout the crisis and afterwards.
  2. To ensure suppliers are able to continue to pay their employees as well as maintain their jobs.

The Procurement Policy Note also asks people to spread the note so that as many people in your organisation and beyond are aware.

The original Procurement Policy Note can be found on the website

What resources do I have for remote lessons?

Google Classroom – Helps teachers manage and mark coursework as well as create and share lesson plans and share notes with other teachers or students. Feedback on projects and homework can be given during or after work is complete and is a two way conversation. It integrates automatically with gmail and other google apps like Drive which has spreadsheets and word processing apps. Google Meet – Allows you to deliver lessons to all of your class on their digital device be it a desktop or a smartphone.

Microsoft Teams  for education – also has the ability to create and share lesson plans, share notes with students and deliver lessons in much the same way as the Google offerings.

Should I pick Google Classroom or Microsoft Teams?

Google Classroom and Meet is undoubtably the more popular option as its easier to get started with and you already have an account if you have a Google account. The functionality between the two is largely similar, Teams is slightly harder to set up. Having said that once Microsoft Teams is set up it offers a more fluid overall experience than Google Classroom. They are both free for education.

kids learning from home school remotely learning at home

What’s out there for teaching resources, remote homework and online testing?


There are plenty of online resources for maths, try:

Hegarty, Mymaths, CorbettMaths, DrFrost for KS3/4 and Exam solutions for A-level

Find resources, interactive learning programs and testing facilities with British Council and BBC Bitesize, Seneca Learning for free materials for KS2 through to A-Levels.

Youtube has a wealth of fantastic content too

Including  our favourites:

History – Crash Course

At Seymour Park Primary School in Manchester we installed a full IT learning suite. 30 hideaway computer desks equipped with our very latest onView technology were built to render the space agile whilst allowing for screens and computers to be used when needed. Also installed were: Hub tables that deliver power for tablets and other mobile devices that you can use whilst sitting at the table, soft seating, chairs and an acoustic pod used things like: reading or making pod casts.

“It was a million times better than we could have imagined” Head teacher, Anthony Rae

“The learning is definitely better in this space, the distractions can be taken away” Neil Tatham, IT Manager

See our range of desks with integrated ICT.

It is being perceived as more and more important to teach using digital aids, iPads and computers. How can we make a positive difference to students with technology? Is it realistic to expect teachers to spend many hours preparing technology integrated lessons? Or is it more a case of learning the best way to do it?

Does technology help or hinder in the classroom?

Here is the conclusion of a piece of research carried out by Courtney E. Unser – researcher at Long Island University in “A Study on The Positives and Negatives of Using Technology In The Classroom”

“The use of technological devices, programs and aids in the classroom should improve students’ assessment performance, level of engagement, and academic success. However, these results depend directly on the self-efficacy, and continuous training of classroom teachers.”

In Mike Britland’s article in the Guardian he talks about trying to harness the power of students mobile phones. The majority of students will have one and they are undeniably powerful. Equally able to help and hinder depending on how the user operates them! This is how Mike puts it: “Most students have powerful devices, primed and ready to go in their pockets – the dreaded mobile phone. If you’re lucky like me, your school will see the power that these wonders hold. Allowing students to unholster these weapons is a liberating experience for both teacher and student”

Where do I get CPD from for incorporating technology in the classroom?

There are lots of good suppliers for this and at pretty good rates, which will keep the finance department happy. A good place to start is the Education and Teaching Foundation which has some affordable courses. There is also the  Career Colleges Trust which offers some excellent free options to get you started.

Who will be able to help me with ideas and techniques for incorporating tech into my lessons?

Another avenue is to ask recently qualified teachers. Their training will have included techniques for using technology in the classroom. There may also be teachers who use technology effectively already that you could share ideas with.

There is also a wealth of information on the internet through blogs, forums and of course YouTube! You can even involve students, who know how to use devices and the internet like the digital natives that they are!

The main thing is, don’t be afraid of the technology, keep trying and you will nail it in the end!

Is it better for students to bring their own devices or for schools to supply them?

The return on investment for developing and training staff is massive

As Benjamin Franklin said, “An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest”. Staff who regularly attend training courses are given the opportunity to develop into more effective employees. They will perform better in their positions, gain a better understanding of their role and build confidence in their jobs.

Employee competence in an ever-changing industry landscape allows your organisation to stay at the cutting edge of your industry. According to the Association of Talent Development (ATD), an effective training program can increase productivity by over 200%! This increased productivity in turn can increase profit margins by 24% against companies without a formalised training program!

Employees will leave a role if they feel they are not receiving the necessary training to succeed in the position. An Go2HR research piece shows that 40% of employees who don’t receive appropriate training to become effective at their job will leave within their first 12 months. To add to this The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development state that 95% of HR managers responsible for recruitment see continued professional development as a key retention tool.

Middlesex University Institute for Work Based Learning ran a long term research program on professional development at work. One interesting finding from their 4000 plus strong sample indicated that 74% of them didn’t feel like they were meeting their full potential because of a lack of training.


Providing a dedicated training space matters

It is important for organisations to have on site training facilities. It promotes training at work and shows staff that training is being taken seriously by your company. With an internal training facility you can more comfortably create bespoke, company specific training programmes for your staff. It is also safer to use sensitive company data that you wouldn’t want leaving the office.  Another good reason to have a training room at the office is to make it easier for staff. Less time and money is wasted on traveling and accommodation. Not to mention the cost of hiring the venue!


The importance of an agile learning space

Different staff members will learn best in a variety of different ways and so a good training program will impart information using a variety of techniques. This needs a well-designed and adaptable learning space. Different teaching techniques will include group discussions, break out discussions, collaborative work, testing and individual learning. It is also increasingly likely that some sort of IT or mobile device based learning will need to take place, so it is important to be able to incorporate that. A study by Capgemini Consulting states that only 10% of employees in the US feel that they are competent enough using a computer to complete all their work tasks. With technology moving so quickly they also highlighted that knowledge gained needs to be updated with more relevant training every two years!


zioxi learning space solutions

At zioxi we can consult on and design your learning space for free before any commitment to the installation. We have industry leading IT integration for tablets and smart phones as well as desktop computers and laptops. We have found it incredibly important for teachers to be able to engage with trainees without the physical and mental distraction that a computer screen can cause. This is why our computer screens are stored out of site. Screens can be accessed at the press of a button, allowing for better trainee, trainer engagement with quick access to IT. It also allows for greater desk space whilst screens are stored.

We also provide agile desk solutions allowing for easily adaptable learning spaces, mobile charging units and charging trolleys for laptops, Chromebook, tablets and smartphones.

For more information on our design service please get in touch. [form link]

[Renders of relevant products with internal links]


zioxi on the bim store 3d models to use in architectural drawings

We thought bimstore was such a good idea that we were happy to create an account and put three of our products on there. This is just a start, we hope to help you architects out by putting all of our products on here eventually.

If you don’t know what the bimstore is: it is an online resource for architects with revit (CAD) models of just about anything that you can think of that you can download and use in your designs. The reason we are keen for you to use our products is because we want you to spread the word on how really great learning spaces should be fitted out. Corporates and learning institutes alike can gain from having agile furniture that helps learners to learn and teachers to teach!

At the moment we have on the bimstore:

Model of an M1 computer desk – this is a staple product for IT suites and other learning spaces. The M1 desk is ideal for spaces where computers are needed but can also benefit from hiding the screens away to use the desk space for other teaching purposes.

3d model zioxi t41, charging trolley and me computer desks

Model of a 16 or 32 bay iPad or tablet charge and secure trolley. Ideal for storing multiple iPads or tablets, we also have this product available for laptops and chromebooks:

3d model of ipad storage unit tablet charging trolley

Lastly we have a model of our staple student desk the t41  – ideal for agile learning spaces due to its manoeuvrability and its great storage potential. 6 of these make a circle or they can be used individually. 

3d model zioxi t41 table

Please visit our bimstore shop front and download the Revit files there for your projects!

How do you make your library appealing to students coming of their own accord? It can be hard when competing against information delivered by smartphones and tablets. All sorts of information can be delivered directly to smartphones guzzling students attention… Some of it useful for learning and a lot of it not.

So how can you make your library more appealing to students with that sort of competition?

1. Open the space up.

Why not create an open, flowing space, full of natural light that promotes students spending time there? You can take down internal walls and barriers so the space feels inviting and easy to move around. Can you get more natural light into the space? Incorporating natural light has been shown to provide physical and psychological benefits. It can help students concentrate and has even been shown to improved test results in learning spaces.


2. Make the space multi functional.

Include furniture that can be adapted so you can use the area as a learning space, collaborative work space, individual work spaces and a space for holding other events. This way you will get students into the area more often for other reasons making them feel more comfortable using it. This efficient use of the space enhances value for money as you are using it more often.


3. Use visually compelling furniture and wall graphics.

Think about dispensing with traditional linear book shelves and go with something a little more visually appealing. Use curves and integrate coloured seating to make the area exciting for students and staff. Consider some exciting and


4. Involve students in the redesign

Hold a competition for a particular part of the project – maybe the art on the walls. At Pipers Corner Girls School they decided to have street art style murals of inspirational women in bright colours.


5. Power for devices to aid self led research and learning

Include power for devices with comfortable seating for research and other digital self-led learning. If you can’t beat them join them! Books are no longer the main way to find information, the internet is the place for this. So mobile devices, tablets and laptops are the key way students will access this information, as well as desktops provided by the school. There are so many ways that learning how to research on the web is beneficial and if you can find a way to encourage sensible, self-led research then so much the better.


Product Roadmap: Charging Solutions

From our tablet trolley to BYOD locker to transporter case, we pride our charging solutions for being compact, clever, sleek and simple to use. Whether you need to charge iPads, Tablets, MacBooks, Chromebooks or Smartphones… we have charging solutions to accommodate all your devices.

Through our product roadmap, it is now easier than ever to find the right charging solution for you, whether that be a laptop trolley for a classroom or learning space, a 1:1 or BYOD smartphone charging locker for a festival or an iPad Charge & Store cabinet for employee devices on the shop floor… zioxi has you covered. Our product roadmap helps you directly compare and contrast each product and ultimately identify the perfect fit for your charging needs. Each product is based around our user-centred ethos and we put great design at the centre of everything we do. The combination of expert design and embedded intelligence forms the character of all our products.


onView’s role in our charging solutions

zioxi’s charging trolleys, lockers and cabinets incorporate our onView system to make charging your devices easier, more efficient and more environmentally friendly. Our onView technology provides Green, Smart & Timed Charge options.

onView also provides local, web and automatic schedule control, configurable rule based alerts to flag when trolleys aren’t plugged in, locked in or in the right location at the end of the day; and powerful status and usage information like how many devices are charging, whether charging has completed and how much a trolley is used.

Sustainability and the environment

onView helps us do more for the environment. We offer our customers a green charge option so you can choose to charge your devices when energy from renewable sources are most prominently supplying the grid. Sustainability is also at the centre of our design thinking; all our charging trolleys are built from recyclable materials and any plastic elements are already recycled.

Want one of our trolleys, lockers and/or cabinets? Contact us on

Integrated computer desks, also known as hideaway computer desks, are getting more and more popular. And it’s easy to see why. There are so many advantages to putting in desks that integrate with your IT, allowing you to hide your computers away, or reveal them when you want. Here are our top reasons why you need integrated computer desks in your life!

Create a full ICT suite in an instant

Having the computers integrated within the desks means that they are ready and waiting when you need them. This means that you can create a full ICT suite, or computer room in an instant, with a computer, mouse and keyboard per position.

Flexible multipurpose space

Your room becomes the ultimate multipurpose space. When it’s not being used for ICT you can use it for meetings, different lessons, training and more. It’s the perfect space to support BYOD, and charging points can be added per person too.

Removes distractions

The ability to remove the screens quickly and easily gives you total control over the space. You can remove distractions easily when you need to.

Creates a showcase space

There is no denying that as well as being practical, integrated computer desks look impressive to give your space the wow factor. Cables are all secured and hidden away keeping the desks super neat and tidy.

Total control

Imagine being able to control the learning space from your phone, tablet or laptop. You can choose to raise or lower the computers, lock the desks, turn the screens on or off and see occupancy and usage data.

Manual table design for hiding away computers PCs screens

There are lots of different options for integrated computer desks, so you can choose the ones that suit you and your space best.

M1 desks

These desks are an individual and manual rise and fall desk, this means that in order to reveal the screen you push on the desk to activate the mechanism. Then you simply push back down – more on this in this video.



Again another individual manual activation, but with this desk you pull a lever under the desk to flip up the screen, and then push it back down when you are finished.


hide away computer desks

The PowerUp desk is an electrically controlled group desk. All of the monitors sit together and are controlled as one unit in groups of 6, 8 or 10. You can control the electric rising mechanism either by local desk activation, remote control or via the onView web app on your phone, tablet or laptop.

P1 desks

The big daddy of the range these desks are seriously impressive. Each position is controlled individually by electric motor. Again these can be controlled by local desk activation, or via the onView web app on your phone, tablet or laptop. You can see more on how this works here:

Interested? Why not ask us for a free consultation? Or make an appointment to come and visit our showroom where we can show you the different options and find the desk that will best work for you.

In the beginning…

As technology has moved on so has the way we work and study. Email was invented in the 70s believe it or not, but it didn’t become something people actually used until the 90s. The personal computer was invented in 1973 but wasn’t brought to mass market until a decade later and didn’t become a fixture in offices and schools until the late 80s and 90s.

Xerox Alto - first personal computer
Xerox Alto – the first personal computer

We want convenience

Its all very well having the technology, but it needs to be convenient for the people using it. Above is a photo of the Xerox Alto 1973, the first personal computer. Yes it’s all computer… The small refrigerator sized unit underneath the screen contains 2.5 MB of storage – about enough to store 1 image taken on your smartphone! Incidentally if you have the latest smartphone in your pocket it probably has 256 GB of storage – one hundred thousand times more storage space!

The point is that the giant computer was not convenient, and people will find the easiest option when trying to get work done.

Do you remember work and studying before computers?

Do you remember what is was like not to have a smartphone? Try not using either of them for an entire work day… actually don’t, you might get sacked!

Students and colleagues now expect to be able to work anywhere. The portability and power of laptops, tablets and even smartphones means that this is possible and providing the infrastructure for this as an employer or learning facility is important.

Unemployment is currently at a record low in the UK (3.5%) and US (3.3%) and this means it is easier to get a job and easier to move around. In turn employers must do more to motivate and hold on to employees.

The trend in business is to make employees feel more comfortable by allowing flexibility. Comfortable meeting areas to aid collaborative work, height adjustable desks and businesses allowing more and more people to work remotely or providing offices closer to where workers live. For instance HSBC rented 300 hotdesks in a space run by WeWork in Hong Kong and IWG a work place provider based in Zug, Switzerland released research that stating that 50% of people globally, work from home half of the time!

Height adjustable table
zioxi height adjustable desk

zioxi soft seating collaboration table
zioxi soft seating collaboration table


Wifi and power anywhere

At schools and universities as well as at businesses students and employees use mobile technology like Chromebooks, smartphones, laptops and tablets anywhere they want to providing they can get wifi!


beanbag for working on
zioxi soft seating

This means supplying more extensive wifi and power which presents a problem for infrastructure providers. For instance, a floor box to supply power in a concrete floor can cost up to £3000 to install it’s also a solution that isn’t flexible!

In contrast zioxi rechargeable powerHubs allow you to put power wherever you need it, giving you a flexible environment complete with all the infrastructure your staff or students need. Interested in seeing if powerHubs could work for you? Contact us to arrange a free trial.

Check out the zioxi range of mobile power hubs and tables.

Rechargable power table zioxi
zioxi Rechargeable Hub Tables

zioxi Rechargable Power hubs
zioxi Rechargable power hub with seating

The return on investment for developing and training staff is massive

As Benjamin Franklin said, “An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest”. Staff who regularly attend training courses are given the opportunity to develop into more effective employees. They will perform better in their positions, gain a better understanding of their role and build confidence in their jobs.

Employee competence in an ever-changing industry landscape allows your organisation to stay at the cutting edge of your industry. According to the Association of Talent Development (ATD), an effective training program can increase productivity by over 200%! This increased productivity in turn can increase profit margins by 24% against companies without a formalised training program!

Employees will leave a role if they feel they are not receiving the necessary training to succeed in the position. An Go2HR research piece shows that 40% of employees who don’t receive appropriate training to become effective at their job will leave within their first 12 months. To add to this The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development state that 95% of HR managers responsible for recruitment see continued professional development as a key retention tool.

Middlesex University’s Institute for Work Based Learning ran a long term research program on professional development at work. One interesting finding from their 4000 plus strong sample indicated that 74% of them didn’t feel like they were meeting their full potential because of a lack of training.


Providing a dedicated training space matters

It is important for organisations to have on site training facilities. It promotes training at work and shows staff that training is being taken seriously by your company. With an internal training facility you can more comfortably create bespoke, company specific training programmes for your staff. It is also safer to use sensitive company data that you wouldn’t want leaving the office.  Another good reason to have a training room at the office is to make it easier for staff. Less time and money is wasted on traveling and accommodation. Not to mention the cost of hiring the venue!

The importance of an agile learning space

Different staff members will learn best in a variety of different ways and so a good training program will impart information using a variety of techniques. This needs a well-designed and adaptable learning space. Different teaching techniques will include group discussions, break out discussions, collaborative work, testing and individual learning. It is also increasingly likely that some sort of IT or mobile device based learning will need to take place, so it is important to be able to incorporate that. A study by Capgemini Consulting states that only 10% of employees in the US feel that they are competent enough using a computer to complete all their work tasks. With technology moving so quickly they also highlighted that knowledge gained needs to be updated with more relevant training every two years!

zioxi learning space solutions

At zioxi we can consult on and design your learning space for free before any commitment to the installation. We have industry leading IT integration for tablets and smart phones as well as desktop computers and laptops. We have found it incredibly important for teachers to be able to engage with trainees without the physical and mental distraction that a computer screen can cause. This is why our computer screens are stored out of site. Screens can be accessed at the press of a button, allowing for better trainee, trainer engagement with quick access to IT. It also allows for greater desk space whilst screens are stored.

We also provide agile desk solutions allowing for easily adaptable learning spaces, mobile charging units and charging trolleys for laptops, Chromebook, tablets and smartphones.

For more information on our design service please get in touch:

For more information on products:

P1 power up circular table for hideaway PCs and monitors
Power up circular table for hideaway PCs and monitors

16 to 32 bay Chromebook charging trolleys
16 to 32 bay Chromebook charging trolleys

mains and USB rechargeable power hub with roundel and t41 tables
Rechargeable Power Hubs

At zioxi we are super proud to make amazing iPad, Chromebook and laptop charging trolleys. We are consistently overwhelmed by their popularity throughout the world. We work really hard to keep improving and innovating our charging trolleys so that they are ahead of the curve. There are a number of factors that make our charging trolleys stand out:

1. Lead Times are fantastic.

Our bestselling laptop, iPad and Chromebook charging trolleys with key locks and code locks are typically all kept in stock. This means that we can deliver them  throughout Europe in short time.


2. Manufactured in the UK.

We are a UK company. We buy and employ locally wherever possible. This means that we are not affected by delays in shipping from abroad, and it also helps to keep our carbon footprint low. We individually hand check and assemble every charging trolley we produce to guarantee the highest quality.


3. Designed in the UK and constantly evolving

As a leader in innovation and design thinking we are constantly evolving and looking for ways to improve our products. We listen to our customers and look for ways to make their lives easier through design.

Take onView for example. This is our intelligent management system which allows you to control and monitor your charging trolley from your phone, tablet or computer. You can see if the charging trolley is locked, if it’s plugged in and you can control how and when trolleys charge your devices, as well as being notified when the devices are fully charged.


4. Sustainability

We like to do our bit to ensure that we are producing environmentally friendly products. All our charging trolleys are built from recyclable materials and any plastic elements are already recycled. OnView also offers our customers a green charge option. You can choose to charge your devices at several points in a day when energy from renewable sources is at it’s peak.


5. Our customer service is second to none

We go above and beyond to help our customers choose the right products and have a great experience thereafter. Our team will always be happy to chat about your options. Check out some of our trolleys here:

zioxi chromebook charging trolleys for 16 or 32 Chromebooks
zioxi chromebook charging trolleys for 16 or 32 Chromebooks (up to 14 inch screens) with key lock
16 bay iPad tablet chromebook charging trolley
zioxi 16 bay tablet charging trolleys with key lock
32 laptop charging trolley
32 laptop charging trolley with key lock

Or drop us a line on 01844280123 or email


Technology plays a huge part in education and there are a number of different options for schools and universities. Two of the most popular are BYOD and 1:1 schemes, both have pros and cons to consider but both can help you to meet the next step forward in technology.


This stands for Bring Your Own Device and puts the technology in the hands of the students. We look at some of the pros and cons below:


  • The major pro is that the cost of the technology sits with the student and this can be an effective way to include technology when budgets are tight.
  • The students know the device inside and out. They are used to using it outside the classroom and consequently they already have the skills necessary to get stuck in quickly.
  • BYOD devices tend to be newer and more cutting edge than education provided devices, meaning that the latest technology and software is available.
  • It’s likely that students are more likely to respect and care for their own device. Helping them to be responsible for ensuring it is in good working order.


  • BYOD schemes can be a bit exclusive, with students and parents feeling the pressure to provide technology. Not all budgets can stretch to this.
  • It can be hard for teachers and lecturers to be as knowledgeable about the device as the student is, this can make sorting any technical issues a challenge.
  • A range of different devices in the learning environment can make sharing or using consistent apps or software difficult.
  • Some argue that personal devices can be much more distracting for students, as they have access to all their personal apps.


If you go for a BYOD scheme, you can’t guarantee that devices will be brought to school fully charged. Therefore, it’s important to ensure that you have enough infrastructure to ensure that devices can be charged during lessons and lectures. Adding powerHubs can be a simple way to do this, and with rechargeable powerHubs you don’t even have to have floorboxes.

1:1 Schemes

A 1:1 scheme means that every student is provided with a device from the establishment. That device is then theirs to use while they study.


  • Everyone has the same device which makes continuity really simple with the same apps and software being used by everyone.
  • Eliminates digital inequality between students.
  • Increased teacher/IT knowledge due to familiar devices.
  • High control factor with the devices able to be synchronised to keep installed apps and software consistent. This can limit distractions from more personal apps.


  • High costs involved in procuring large numbers of devices and ensuring that your wifi infrastructure can support them all.
  • Ongoing costs and responsibility for upgrades and maintenance.
  • Devices might be unfamiliar to students if different to their preferred device.


With a 1:1 scheme charging is easier to manage. All of the devices have the same chargers and so charging points complete with chargers can be set up around the school or in classrooms. The 1:1 locker is a great way to keep devices charged and ready to go.

At zioxi we have a range of products to store, charge and sync a number of different devices. Including Lockers, Trolleys and Cabinets. Can’t find what you are looking for? Drop us a email to and we will be happy to help.

At zioxi we are always banging on about flexible adaptable classrooms and the difference they can make to student learning, creating a more inclusive engaging learning space. The t41 table from zioxi is absolutely perfect to create this kind of environment, but what are the actual benefits.

Mix up the groups

Being able to change your layout means that group sizes and positions are different on a day to day basis. This encourages students to mix in different social groups and stops them sitting next to the same person, or with the same group day after day. Wonderful to aid inclusion, diversity and social interaction.

Clear the space entirely

Flexible folding tables allow you to clear the space totally. Want to do a drama session or mix it up by using the floor space? No problem at all – just move the tables out of the way and stack them together. So easy the children can do it.

Reflect your lesson plan with your layout

Learning about rivers? Arrange the tables in waves. Need different group sizes? Cluster tables in groups from 2 upwards or have individual quiet time with a desk each.

Keep it fresh

Imagine walking into a different classroom every day. That’s one way to get the students attention when you need to.

Add power

A powerHub is a great way to add power into a space, without being limited by floorboxes. If your lesson includes robots, or tablets, make sure that they can be charged throughout the session as needed. Nothing like a flat battery to derail your lesson plans!

As experts in adaptable learning, we design flexible classrooms as often as we have biscuits (very often). So why not let us help you and show you how your space could work with a t41 solution. We offer free consultancy and design and will come to meet with you, measure up and learn about your vision. Every space is different, and we want to help your classroom work for you. Get in touch now to see how we can help.

Thinking or refreshing your IT suite, or have a new one to design? There are a number of key factors to consider before you start investing in technology! Here are our top tips for things to consider when designing your new IT suite.

What technology do you really need?

There are so many options for technology that it can be really daunting to filter through all the information especially when its all so technical! But the key item to consider is whether you are looking for a fixed PC type solution, or you want a more flexible laptop solution. Both of these have a real impact on the design and layout of your IT Suite.

For example, laptop computers give you a more flexible approach to your room and mean that you can get very creative in your IT suite design, combining flexible furniture that can be moved around, with high desking and even soft seating areas. However they do require careful management to ensure that they are charged and ready to go for each lesson, a charging trolley is perfect to achieve this.

How will your IT Suite be used?

Are you lucky enough to have an IT Suite that is a dedicated space? Or do you need to use the space for other subjects too? There are a number of ways to make your IT Suite flexible and multipurpose. One is to use laptops that are locked away charging when not in use and the other is integrated ICT desks, like the M1 and P1. These allow you to have a fixed PC solution, which can still be hidden when the space needs to be used without technology.

How will you embrace new technology in the space?

What other types of new technology and skillsets do you want to encourage in your IT Suite? How do you plan to teach coding? Do you want a dedicated area for a recording studio, or green screening? What about VR? There are lots of options to consider, and going to a technology event like the BETT show can be a great way to get ideas.

What style of learning do you want to encourage?

Do you want your students to sit at their desks in rows focusing on their own work, or do you want more of a collaborative learning style? Both approaches have different plus and minus points but influence the room layout, furniture and technology within the space.

Where will you store all your equipment?

It’s likely that you will have a number of different styles of equipment that you use within your IT Suite, VR Headsets, Drones, Tablets etc and all of these will need to be stored securely away. A solution like a TeacherWall can be the answer to a storage problem and can be customised to fit your exact requirements.

How will the teacher/lecturer function in the space?

One of the most important elements is of course the teacher and ensuring that they have everything they need in order to teach effectively. Their teaching preferences will also impact the style of learning. In most cases they will require some kind of large screen area for demonstrations, but may also want repeater screens, and the ability to cast content onto the screens from around the room. Do they want to be flexible and moving around the space, or in a fixed position at the front?

Where does your power and data come from, and is there enough?

Yes it’s a bit of a boring one compared to the other considerations, but nonetheless it’s an important consideration. IT Suites need a lot of power and data, and this needs to be easy to access for the students.

Of course zioxi have been designing IT Suites for over 35 years and we are delighted to share this experience with you. We offer free space planning and consultancy with no obligation at all which is a great way to see how your IT Suite could look. Contact us to book in. Looking for inspiration? Check out our inspirational spaces and case studies to see what is working for others.

seymour-2.jpgzioxi were honoured to be invited back to Seymour Park Community Primary School for the Grand Opening of their new Digital Hub, designed and installed by zioxi and officially opened by the Mayor of Trafford.

The staff and students at Seymour Park showcased for their guests – parents, governors, zioxi staff and the Mayor – just how fantastically well they had been using their new space, with groups of pupils coaching the visitors about a range of subjects including how to learn through VR, green screens and educational tech resources as well as building apps and demonstrating how to stay safe online.

The hideaway zioxi P1 desks came in very handy when the year 1 pupils wanted to hide the monitors to show how to use Cody the coding Caterpillar and the acoustic pod was a great space to record audio for the green screen videos we were recording!

It was a real joy to see the furniture and room being used so effectively to enhance teaching and to see such a vibrant, active learning space – thank you Seymour Park for having us work on this amazing project with you!

You can read our full case study here

At zioxi we enjoy innovating and are always looking for new ways to improve our product range. Following our appointment as the top ranked supplier on the national furniture framework for HE in lot 2 (AV & IT Furniture), we have updated our range to include Lecterns.

Of course, there are many different options you can have – but here are some of the key features we have included to make them the perfect product!

Height Adjustable
It’s important to cater for all shapes and sizes and having a section that can adjust to different heights does just that. So, if you are 5ft 4 or 6ft4 you can have the height that works for you. You can either have a height adjustable section, or can choose to have the whole worktop adjust, all at the touch of a button.

Full access panels
Complex AV equipment needs easy access, initially for set up, but also for management and updates of equipment. With our lecterns the whole panel rolls back out of the way to allow you to access all areas of your rack. Of course, it’s easy to lock too so only those you want to access it can!

Plenty of rack space
Our double AV lecterns have 30U of rack space allowing you to house masses of equipment. If you don’t need that much then the single AV lecterns have 15U of space, which is more than enough for most teaching areas. We have an option to make the racks removable as well which allows for easy set up of equipment leading to a smooth installation.

AV integration
It goes without saying that an AV lectern needs Audio Visual equipment! Our lecterns can integrate with any systems that are available. You can also integrate monitor arms, microphones, retractable cable systems and power distribution.

Custom Branding
A lectern needs to be a reflection of your brand. All our styles have a front panel that is perfect to house your logo. Of course, we can customise in colours and materials to match your branding so that they really do stand out and demand attention.

All of our lecterns can be seen here – and if there isn’t one that’s perfect for you then let us know! We are always happy to work with our customers to create bespoke products to suit your needs.

Libraries used to have it easy, they were places full of lovely books that people had to be very quiet in. They were places for reading, for quiet working or contemplation and for finding the information you needed that is only contained within that one book.

And then came the internet, and Wikipedia, and suddenly libraries were not needed in the same way! However instead of becoming redundant Libraries have reinvented themselves to fit in with the modern world and a Library will now will full-fill a number of requirements.

Here are our top tips for creating a multi functional library.

  1. A library wouldn’t be a library without books! Many libraries have changed the mix of available titles to include more titles for entertainment, including novels, DVDs and magazines. But reference books are still useful for specialist subjects in university or school libraries. Because the number of books has largely reduced, this means the display of the books can become more creative. The BookWorm not only provides space for books, but also acts as a curved space divider and creates quiet working zones for groups.
  2. Libraries are places where students come to work and concentrate. Desk systems with acoustic panelling help to aid noise control from other areas of the library. Access to power is key for those bringing their laptops and as well as integrating power into the desks, the PowerHub can also be useful for providing power without the need for floor boxes.
  3. Once quiet spaces, libraries now need to support collaborative working between students. Collaborative tables allow students to bring laptops and share work and ideas to the central screens. Careful zoning and acoustic management is needed to manage the noise flow between the collaborative and quiet working zones.
  4. Soft seating is perfect for quiet reading zones. Comfy sofas or chairs are perfect areas to curl up with a book. Booth seats can also be used to give acoustically controlled collaborative spaces. Soft seating should be easy to move around giving the students the flexibility to sit individually or in groups.
  5. Computers are still in high demand from students wanting to be able to log on and work, without having their own laptop. It’s difficult to manage BYOD and provided computers in one space. Integrated desks, such as the P1 or M1 give you the best of both worlds. Providing a computer for use when needed, but also allowing you to hide the computers away to provide a clear tabletop for BYOD laptop use.
Technology in schools is essential to facilitate learning in students, however managing large numbers of mobile devices, such as tablets or laptops is yet another challenge for teachers. At zioxi our products are designed to make your life easier allowing you to store and charge all your devices together. Here are some of the benefits our products can provide:

  1. All your devices are kept together in one place. We have solutions for different device types as well as different numbers of devices. So if you have 16 chromebooks, or 32 iPads we have the solution to house and charge them. At the end of the day they can all be tucked up safe and sound together behind a locked door.
  2. Charging all your devices together is super easy. You just need to use the charging adaptors supplied with your mobile device. No special tools are necessary, and we supply everything you need to get going. Simply remove the front panel, plug in your charging adaptors and use our clever inserts and cable ties to secure everything in place.
  3. A number of our products are designed to be mobile, so you can move your devices to the classroom that’s using them on that particular day. Handle cut outs and the lightweight construction make our trolleys easy to move, even if you haven’t had your spinach.
  4. A number of our solutions come with onView technology which allows you to monitor and control your charging trolley from your own mobile device. Simply log on to the portal and you can see exactly what is going on with your trolley – is it locked? Is it charging?

You can find our solutions here, but if you are not sure of the right product for you then drop us a email to asking for help and we will be happy to recommend the product you need.

We LOVE being surrounded by our favourite products and our Oxfordshire showroom is packed full of them!

You can experience how a space can come alive with our onView technology, using IOT to create a truly interactive learning space, allowing you to live monitor, control and influence the environment remotely from your mobile device.

Current products in our showroom include P1 desks, PowerHubs, BookHive, t41 tables as well as a Lectern and a Height Adjustable Collaborative table.

It’s a great place to get inspired, so why not arrange to visit us for a live planning session. You bring the brief and we will provide the creativity, innovation and even a biscuit or two. You could even bring your students along.

Drop us a line to book in, we look forward to welcoming you.

Our latest case study shows an active learning lab at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine. This is a great example of how a learning environment can be configured to support  and encourage student focused learning.

Below are some of the elements you need to include when designing an active learning lab:

  1. Think about the group sizes you want students to form. It is generally understood that working in groups of 4-6 is the most effective for collaboration. There are many different collaborative desks available to suit different group sizes.
  2. Bear in mind the individual technology needs for the student. Will they need a laptop or a PC? Are you providing the technology or expecting them to bring their own device? How will you ensure that access to charging is provided?
  3. Map out the collaboration paths that you want to encourage within the learning environment and ensure these are possible with technology. Ideally students will be able to work in a small group, but also contribute their content to the wider group as well.
  4. Active learning means that students participate more and take responsibility for their own learning, however you will still need to consider the facilitator, teacher or lecturer in the room. Do they need a lectern to teach from? Or more of a mobile podium to encourage movement and interaction within the space?

At zioxi we design active learning spaces for a number of customers, within education and commercial environments. Why not let us show you how your learning space could be transformed with our free space planning service.

If you are of an age when you remember Button Moon, and know what a Snickers was called before it became a Snickers, then you probably also remember how learning used to be. Sitting facing the front, watching the blackboard and copying everything down in your notebook.

Learning isn’t like that anymore, and active Learning encourages deeper thought, analysis and collaboration in order to strengthen learning in your environment. There are a number of ways to encourage active learning in your classrooms.

  1. Technology is key to encourage experimentation, research and analysis. Technology should be diverse with desktops, laptops, tablets and peripherals all used to demonstrate practical theories.
  2. Collaboration is vital, with lively debates and discussions encouraged while learners share and test theories.
  3. Strategy is important, work out your aims for the learning session and the absolute best way to encourage your students to openly participate with the subject.

Here at zioxi we help schools, colleges and universities to build spaces that encourage active learning. With integrated desks giving flexibility and diversity of  technology and collaborative desks for group working. Why not give us a call to discuss how an active learning space could work for you.

Collaborative or group learning is recognised as being one of the best ways to learn, using discussion, clarification and evaluation of ideas to deepen thinking. Here are 5 ways you can embrace collaborative thinking in the classroom.

1. Establish group goals
For collaborative learning to be effective group goals need to be established to help keep the group on task and aligned. These should be reinforced throughout the learning session.

2. Reconfigure your learning space
Groups of 4-6 are perfect for collaborative learning, and configuring your space to facilitate groups working together embraces collaborative learning. Collaborative desks are perfect for this style of learning.

3. Embrace technology
Sharing work and ideas on a large screen helps the group to work and share together. Collaborative tables with integrated screens and connectivity are perfect to facilitate sharing.

4. Promote open communication
When working in groups open communication is key. Establish group communication rules to help students feel comfortable to share their thoughts and opinions openly and without criticism

5. Value Diversity
To really get the most from group learning diverse groups are key. Combine different personality types, ability levels, genders and backgrounds to really get the most from your group.

Are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin.

We spend an average of 13 hours a day sitting down, and the way we sit can affect our health and posture over our lifetime. How are you sitting right now? Do you have your legs crossed? Is your spine crooked? Are you slouched over?

Thirteen hours a day of slouching and twisting, will take its toll on our bodies. No wonder your back hurts!

There are a few simple things you can do right now to improve your posture when sitting.

  1. Place your feet flat on the floor
  2. Don’t cross your legs
  3. Ensure you are sitting up with your shoulders back and your lower back supported

Now, in an ideal world we would keep this position forever, ensuring that every time we sit, our feet are level, our shoulders are lifted and we are pulling up from our core. But I suspect in about 10 minutes time when you have popped to get a cup of tea and a slice of Lemon Drizzle cake you will come back to your desk and sit the way you always do. Don’t feel bad, we all do it.

And our lack of postural discipline is why the chairs we sit on are so important! A chair that is designed to support your lower back makes it harder to slouch and the give of the chair invites a rocking movement to keep your spine mobile. A footrest supports your feet and puts your legs at the right angle.


Office chairs are always carefully chosen with lumbar support, adjustable arms and adjustable height as standard. Can you image the outrage if you walked into the office and were expected to sit on a one piece plastic chair all day. You know the ones I mean – they have four legs which are slightly bent and warped from years of rocking back, and a hard plastic shell.  Yet these are the chairs that we expect our children to sit on at schools all day. And not only are they expected to sit on them they are expected not to fidget, to sit properly and concentrate.

Our chairs encourage movement, they allow different sitting positions, and they support the spine and relieve pressure from sitting for long periods. This helps your students to concentrate. Why not organise a free trial so you can see what your students think?

We all know that sitting down all day is bad for us. The NHS quite scarily tells us that:
“Studies have linked excessive sitting with being overweight and obese, type 2 diabetes, some types of cancer, and early death.
Sitting for long periods is thought to slow the metabolism, which affects the body’s ability to regulate blood sugar, blood pressure and break down body fat.”
We are advised to move around more, but when your day involves a lot of work at a laptop or computer, this isn’t always easy to achieve.
That’s why zioxi have created the Huddle Table. It’s large enough for your laptop, pen, pad and a cuppa, but its super easy to move around and height adjusts too. So if you want to stand and work then you can. It’s battery operated so you can adjust at the press of button and don’t have to worry about trailing cables. Watch our video here! 
Of course let’s be realistic, it’s unlikely that your laptop battery will last a whole day, so adding a powerHub will make sure you have power when you need it.
There are so many benefits to standing to work, including a lower risk of obesity and cardiovascular disease and in addition standing to work can increase your mood and concentration levels. If you are interested in how agile desks could work for you, then email to book a free visit with one of our knowledgeable consultants.
It’s important to make your learning spaces work for you and especially for a subject like STEM. Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths all need to be taught in one space with the ability to swap and change as desired. We believe STEM spaces should encourage discovery and adventure by combining the following elements.

  1. Flexible, mobile layout.

zioxi t41 tables are a great choice for STEM spaces, allowing you to move your tables around to give different group sizes. Cluster them around a powerHub to provide power for mobile devices and laptops. Add a VerTable for students to scribble ideas and then share as a group.

It’s a great idea to change up the levels with some Huddle tables for students to stand and work at a height that suits them.

All of these elements are on wheels, and fully mobile giving you the flexibility to reconfigure your STEM space.

  1. Integrated technology

Computers can be available at the touch of a button. M1, P1 or PowerUp desks all integrate technology into the room, but also allow for it to be hidden away when needed.

  1. Collaboration

Let the students take responsibility for their own learning by providing areas for collaborative learning. This increases engagement in the classroom and encourages social interactions.

  1. Storage

STEM spaces need lots of equipment for students, and so storage is key. TeacherWalls can be designed with a number of bespoke elements to store all your necessary equipment securely. Allowing easy access during lesson time.

If you have a STEM area you are looking to refurbish then let us help you with our free design consultancy. Contact to book an appointment.


Following the launch of our new product onView – we asked Rob Sirs, CEO of zioxi to tell us a little bit about it.

What is onView?

onView combines a web app with a small computer embedded within an item of furniture to provide the ability to remotely control and monitor its use. Great for things like automatically scheduling your charging trolleys to maximise the use of green energy, identifying a free desk space for study, powering down the monitors on a room full of zioxi P1 desks or analysing the usage of your furniture and spaces.

How did you get the idea for zioxi Onview?

As a team we are always keen to understand the challenges our customers face and see if we can come up with solutions that help. There were several such challenges which led us to the idea for onView. Managing a number of charging trolleys across a school is challenging – are they all plugged into mains and set to charge overnight ready for learning activities the next day? Are they using electricity at the greenest times of day and night? Are they locked and in the right location at the end of the day? Our mobile mains powerHubs have also proved very popular, but given they are rechargeable, ensuring they get charged when needed is really important for both their effective use and to keep batteries healthy. It was thinking about problems such as these that led us to the idea of developing the ability to remotely control and view our furniture products over the web.

Who will benefit from zioxi onView?

We believe that onView can provide lots of different benefits. Obviously these benefits will vary by product and user. Learning staff can benefit from laptops all being charged and ready to go at the beginning of a lesson, older students will benefit from more easily finding a free desk for self study, IT staff should save time finding and managing charging trolleys and the finances should benefit from use of less power and longer battery lives.

What’s intelligent furniture?

We spend a lot of time thinking about the intelligent design of our products – so they function very well, often have multiple uses as well as looking great. And with the launch of zioxi onView we’re quite literally adding intelligence into each product in the form of an embedded computer linked to our web app. So Intelligent Furniture really sums up very well what we do at zioxi.

Which products is onView available on?

zioxi onView is available on all our Chromebook, Laptop, iPad and Smart phone Charging Trolleys and Cabinets, the exciting & stylish Volt charging lockers, our Rechargeable mains & USB powerHubs and hubTables; our P1 power up monitor desks, our Collaborative tables, our AV Lecterns and even on any standard desks and tables. And there’s new exciting products being added all the time, so if you need smart furniture, then please get in touch and we’ll do our best to help.

Want to learn more about onView enabled Smart Furniture?


We are extremely excited to announce that onView is now available on our Chromebook and Laptop Trolleys!

onView is a fantastic new tool, which allows you to manage your trolleys and furniture remotely through a web app. Here are just some of the new features:

  • Set schedules to control when charging starts and when it stops
  • Choose not to charge at weekends and only charge at low tariff times.
  • Be green and only charge at peak green energy times each day
  • Review usage with full reporting
  • Find trolleys with map views
  • Utilise Smart Charge so charging finishes automatically once all devices are fully charged, prolonging battery life and saving energy
  • Remote alarm if trolley is accessed out of hours.
  • Emails you if the doors are not locked at the end of the day.
  • Temperature management and alerts.

For more information please visit our onView website or get in touch!

The Chromebook is a hugely popular choice for Education. They are affordable, easy to use and easy to control and monitor in a classroom environment. Their battery life is improving all the time to try to provide a full day of charge. It’s no surprise that more and more people are choosing Chromebooks.

They also provide a valuable resource for enterprise, with companies encouraging grab and go. Eliminating the need for staff to have personal laptops this encourages the use of Chromebooks on a daily basis. In London this is proving particularly popular with workers travelling in by train.

Of course this means that it’s important to ensure that your Chromebooks are charged and easy to access. There are many different ways to do this depending on your needs and structure.

  1. Trolley

Intelligent Chromebook charging trolley
Intelligent Onview Chromebook charging trolley

A trolley is the best solution if you need to transport your Chromebooks around from one space to another. There are three different sizes available to take 16, 20 and 32  Chromebooks. All of the power cables are secured inside the trolley so these can’t go walkabout and its super easy at the end of the day to just return the Chromebook to the shelf and plug it in.

In addition zioxi Next Generation Chromebook trolleys also have zioxi onView. There are many features provided by onView to help you manage your devices remotely using a Web App. With onView you can set and manage charging schedules choosing the most environmentally friendly times to charge, you can check to see if the door is safely locked at the end of the day and view usage reports. Helping you to ensure that your devices are being managed correctly.

  1. Static Cabinet

If you don’t need to move your Chromebooks around then a static solution is the best choice. Floor standing cupboards are available for quantities of 16, 20 and 32 and can be positioned in the best location for daily access to the Chromebooks. For smaller numbers of Chromebooks you may consider a table top cabinet for either 10 or 16 Chromebooks.

BYOD chromebook charging lockers for BYOD

  1. Lockers

Lockers are perfect for 1:1 schemes where a user has their own designated Chromebook. This can then be locked away in their own locker compartment at the end of the day.

All of our products come with a choice of either key, code or RFID lock. So you can choose the right combination that best suits the intended use.

Please contact us for more information about any of our Chromebook Charging Solutions. Our bestselling lines are held in stock and available on a 3-5 day lead time.

If you are anyway involved in education then you are no doubt familiar with the concept of collaborative learning. Put simply it involves students working together, fostering team working behaviours that will transfer to the workplace.

There are so many well researched benefits of collaborative learning, it is said to increase student satisfaction and understanding, thus increasing student retention. If you have a group of people working together on a project, as well as learning about the project you also learn valuable influencing skills and start to understand your own strengths and weaknesses and how to mitigate these.

Classroom design is a tool to facilitate pedagogy and collaborative learning necessitates a particular style of room layout. Students must be able to converse freely in small groups whilst also being able to be taught as a larger group when necessary. Sharing of resources is key, both within the group and the room as a whole. That’s why we are seeing layouts shift from a front facing approach to groups.


Large group tables are provided, with integrated ICT and AV to facilitate sharing of content throughout the group. While this layout can be a fixed layout using large tables, there are also ways to provide a level of flexibility, either with removable sections or by utilising powerHubs to allow the tables to be deconstructed and moved.


Of course no one solution suits everyone, so we often bespoke build and design solutions to fit the brief and requirements for the situation. Let us know if we can help you to increase collaboration in your learning spaces.

zioxi offer a free design and consultancy service. email us for more information.

Integrated computer desks are becoming more and more popular, which in a world increasingly dominated by laptops may seem surprising. However there are just times when a laptop simply won’t cut it. The average primary school has 69 computers and the average secondary school has 430*. These all need to be housed somewhere.

The days of the traditional IT suite are over, schools just do not have the space now to lock down one room simply for one subject, and this is why people are deciding to integrate.  Using an M1, P1 or PowerUp solution means that your room can become truly multipurpose, therefore eliminating the need for it to be used only for IT. When computers are housed in the desks, they can quickly be hidden away for the room to be used for any subject, and with power units on the top of the desks laptops or tablets can be used instead. However when you need a PC it is very quick and easy to transform the room.

This approach also helps to foster a more collaborative approach to learning with groups of students working together, this has been shown to increase student engagement. In fact you can even integrate your desks into a collaborative style with a screen for sharing work to the whole group.



There is also a security issue to consider, by integrating you can keep IT equipment out of harm’s way, and can lock them into the desks when needed. This can be particularly important in an SEN environment where the screens may provide a distraction.

Of course one approach does not suit all, but if you do have computers that are not in use 100% of the time then it is certainly worth considering if integration might be the way forward to enable a better use of space.

zioxi offer a free design and consultancy service. email us for more information.

*Source: BESA/C3 Education (2017)



After a very busy summer of installations, it was a pleasure to install the furniture for the Careers Centre at Trent College in Nottingham. A fantastic mixture of colours have been used, reflected in the furniture and in the magnetic glassboard on the wall. Also with a secure charging cabinet for any mobile devices, it is a great multipurpose space!


For more information about our installations and furniture, please contact us! Or look at our Education Projects page for more case studies and more information about the work we have already completed!

We have had a really busy summer so far! We have installed some beautiful learning spaces into some amazing schools and universities. We always enjoy seeing spaces transformed into practical, flexible learning spaces that really make an impact and have a positive influence on learning.

So far we have completed work at UCL, Park House School, Kingston University and Castledon School. For more information or to see our case studies for these installations, go here.


zioxi were proud to sponsor the annual Redefining Learning Conference held at Simon de Senlis Primary School. The conference focused on creating a more beneficial learning environment through introducing technology into the classroom, as a learning tool for students and as an efficient planning tool for teachers.

One of the most common challenges faced when introducing technology into the classroom is what to do with it once it arrives! It does take a while to get to grips with all the possibilities and options. To help, we have compiled a list of the top educational applications, available on a range of devices:

  1. Minecraft Education Edition

Helps pupils with programming concepts, which also enables creativity, improves problem solving and tackles computational thinking. Gives students a familiar environment to learn in. The game itself can be applied to a variety of subjects, including Art, Computer Science and Design Tech.

Available on Apple and Android, $5 per user per year.

  1. Swift Playgrounds

Apples own coding app. Learning coding through puzzles and eventually moving up to make some code yourself without prompts or help. There is more focus on writing code than moving around blocks of code, which distinguishes this app from the rest.

Available on Apple, free to use.

  1. Tynker

Code robots, build apps, explore STEM, MOD Minecraft, code drones, build games. Teaches students to code. Start experimenting with visual blocks and then progresses students naturally to JAVA Script and Python.

Available on Apple and Android. Free to use.

  1. SkyORB

3D real-time representation of the planets position around the sun, ability to point towards a visible star and planet and reveal the name and can also identify satellites and comets. Ideal for science, astrology and geography.

Available on Apple and Android. Free or annual premium membership for £2.49 per year.

  1. LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Education EV3

The application to go with the programmable robotics construction set that gives you power to build, program and command your own LEGO robots. With challenges and ideas also available on the application, every lesson will be different. Explore great science projects, engineering, technology and programming.

Available on Apple and Android. Free application, cost of kit varies.

  1. Osmo

Osmo is a unique educational gaming accessory that opens up your iPad to the infinite possibilities of physical play. Crafted with reflective artificial intelligence, Osmo’s advanced technology bridges the real and digital realms. Classroom kits start at $99. Download the application and let your students work at their own pace or collaboratively on a huge range of different subjects!

Available on Apple. Free application, cost of kit varies.

Our tried and tested favourite is the LEGO Mindstorms Education EV3, as it incorporates programming on a device, to engineering the robot itself. The range of skills that pupils learn from activities involving LEGO is incredible and would be an ideal part of any science or STEM lesson.

A final challenge faced when integrating technology into the classroom, is how to securely charge and store your devices. zioxi can provide solutions tailored to your needs, from code locked trolleys to slimline wall-mounted cabinets to securely store and charge iPads and tablets. For more information, please go contact us or go here.


When you visualise your ideal learning space as a teacher, what colours do you choose? Do you choose colours at random or because like them? Colour is extremely important, and when used correctly, plays a key role in creating an environment that fosters learning. The use of colour can also help define a room’s purpose – whether it is for creative learning or quiet rest and study.


So, which colours encourage learning? Which colours can be overstimulating in large doses? Colours can seriously affect the feelings, attention and behaviour of people, which is why in learning spaces it is so much more important to get the colour scheme correct. The colours you pick for your learning space will depend on the students; bright and vibrant colours are not ideal for students prone to overstimulation, but are good for preschool children who need to be stimulated. Classrooms are used for many different purposes, but the main intention is learning. So, when choosing colours, the chosen colours should work well on their own and together to maximise information retention and stimulate participation.

Blue Colour experts recommend using blue colours to aid high levels of thought, communication and productivity. It is a relaxing colour, although this is dependent on the shade. A lighter blue, for example, is friendlier than a sombre dark blue. It is best used in quiet areas of school to make pupils feel relaxed, such as a library, and is a good colour to use if you are creating a space that has areas of different use, for example a reading area within the classroom.

Red is a powerful colour. It is very stimulating, attracts attention and increases brain activity. However, red can be too stimulating, so the best way to incorporate red into a space is through furniture – such as chairs in a classroom, because as a colour it attracts attention and helps maintain focus. Using a bright red with a darker hue of its complementary colour green would create a perfect balance of calm and energizing.

Yellow is a very stimulating colour that is ideally used in small doses as the stimulating affect can also create feelings of anxiety. It is well-known for promoting creativity and maintaining attention, especially in younger children. A darker hue of yellow can have a warmer affect, whereas the lighter shades create feelings of happiness. Like red, yellow is better used on furniture and in areas where creativity is encouraged. Alternatively, for younger children, wearing yellow will ensure their attention is mostly on you. Yellow is best used in areas where creativity is important, such as a workshop or studio or in preschool classrooms.

Green is an excellent colour for improving concentration and promoting restfulness and calm because it is a low wavelength colour. It is also a good colour to use in classrooms, as the yellow in green encourages creativity whilst the blue in green is calming and improves concentration. Green is best used in the classroom on chairs and storage. It is also ideal for study areas, such as libraries. a lighter green tends to be more stimulating than a darker hue.

Orange is a positive colour and good for happiness. In feng-shui it is seen as a yang colour which stimulates focus and promotes organisation. For boosting energy and stimulation, go bright and bold. For a more relaxing effect, go for a mellow and less-vibrant orange. Orange is best used in small doses in a classroom, like red, through the furniture or for the background of displays of student’s work.

Purple is best for meditative areas. With connotations of sophistication and luxury, it is a warm and relaxing colour. Ideal to be used with soft seating in various shades in breakout spaces, LRCs and in classrooms where there is a more relaxed approach to learning.

Neutral colours are best for backdrops or to offset other colours and make them stand out more. White tables are good as they stimulate children, however they are best if used with bright coloured chairs and other furniture.  An ideal classroom would use neutral colours on the walls of the room and for the larger pieces of furniture in the classroom, in combination with splashes of different colours on the furniture in the room. A great addition and way to add colour to a classroom would be to use brightly coloured chairs, a CubeWall with coloured doors and back panels, and a reading nook with coloured seating in darker hues for relaxation.

Complementary pairs of colours all form the basis for successful colour schemes. In their pure forms, complementary colours create electric combinations that vibrate with energy. Tonal shades of the same colours, lighter or darker versions, are less stimulating and easier on the eye. Where possible, try and avoid using too many complementary colours in one place as it can be over stimulating.

So which colours would you decide on for your spaces? For LRCs, libraries and breakout spaces, calming colours like purple, blue and green are good with splashes of vibrant, creative colours such as orange, red and yellow. For the classroom, choose colours based on the learning style and age of students. For pre-school pupils, brighter colours are best for stimulation and to maintain students’ attention, whereas for higher education, calming colours with bright hues running through them may be more appropriate.

Do you have any ideas for your next learning space project? At zioxi, we offer a free, no obligation space planning service to make transforming your space stress-free. From IT and media suites to library upgrades, we do it all. For more information, please contact us.






zioxi were thrilled to attend the Next Generation Learning Spaces event. Delegates came from Universities around the country (and internationally) to learn about innovation in learning space design. There were talks showcasing learning spaces from around the globe as well as more local Universities sharing their learning space plans and how they are implementing this throughout the University and gaining feedback from the users.

In our technical demonstration, we talked about how learning spaces are changing throughout HE with a number of spaces becoming relevant. We roughly group these into 6 different zones to facilitate learning.

1. Social Learning
Learning happens everywhere and enabling social interactions and discussions promotes peer to peer learning and deepens the relationships between students. These relationships become the foundation to collaborative learning.

2. Collaborative Learning
When groups of students get together they can share theories, discuss projects and by bouncing ideas off each other deepen their understanding of subjects. Feedback throughout the group is important for continuous learning and improvement.

3. Reflective Learning
There are times when students need time to think and reflect individually, away from the group to aid concentration and analysis of their own thoughts.

4. Creative Learning
Sometimes creativity is the key to problem solving and discovery and spaces need to facilitate this – creativity needs to be encouraged with space for movement and sharing of spontaneous ideas.

5. Technology Based Learning
Some subjects require access to specialist technology equipment in order to use specific software or computer capabilities. Integrating this technology into your learning space creates a flexible, multifunctional learning space.

6. Large Group Learning
At times all your students will learn as a large group, all needing to interact and absorb information. You learning space needs a flexible approach to accommodate this.

Obviously each of these learning style require different furniture and configurations in order to facilitate. At zioxi we work with our customers to understand how their learning spaces need to work for them so that we can create the perfect design and layout. For more information, please contact us at 01844280123

This week, schools up and down the country are celebrated British Science week by completing fun and engaging Science experiments. British Science Week celebrates the best of science, technology, engineering and maths. So, in short, STEM! With a wide range of ideas and activities available during this week, we think it’s important to have a good look at why this is such a big event in the UK and why STEAM/STEM seems to be at the heart of it.
STEM or STEAM is a curriculum based on the idea of educating students in four specific disciplines – science, technology, engineering and mathematics. STEAM also incorporates art into the disciplines. In the words of Steve Jobs, “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works”. In order to create or invent something, design and art also has a part of the process.
Students across America and now in the UK are receiving STEM/ STEAM teaching as part of their curriculum. It is believed that by integrating design with STEM subjects, schools are strengthening students abilities to be creative and flexible problem solvers, to explore different ideas and to take every opportunity to discover something new. With STEAM projects, students learn by inventing, creating and designing. Several studies have been made in the US regarding the effects of this method of teaching, and several of the studies have revealed that arts integration into a STEM curriculum can help with long-term retention of content across all four subjects. Lindsey Own, Lead Teacher of Makerspace in Washington says “If we’re not creating something with our knowledge, we’re just memorizing it and not applying it in any real way”.
When learning using a STEAM curriculum, students can create an idea, prototype it, test it, receive feedback from peers, revise and redevelop it until it is perfect. In order to facilitate this type of learning, schools are creating “Makerspaces”. Ideally, there needs to be a lot of working space, a lot of storage for different materials and sturdy multi-purpose tables. There also needs to be power sources and the room needs to feel like a creative space, not an engineering workshop. For schools where there is little space, “mobile makerspaces” are created – carts equipped with 3-D printers, Lego, LittleBits and robots that are wheeled into various classrooms throughout the day.
We know it can be daunting thinking about how to create a STEAM space for your school, and we are here to help. At zioxi, we can design your space free of charge after completing a site visit and a detailed needs analysis of your requirements. A Makerspace needs to be agile, easily adapted, with plenty of storage and plenty of power capability.
zioxi has a wide range of furniture ideal for your makerspace, including our wired and rechargeable powerHubs for power where you need it, our M1 computer desk range, where the computer can be stored within the desk or simply push down and the computer screen will come up; our CubeWall provides ample storage, with flexible options depending on your needs.
To see more from our recommended STEAM Range, please go to our Google+ board.
Todays students are tech-savvy. Technology is hugely a part of their lives, both inside and outside of the classroom, and children from even pre-school age are able to use a mobile device. It is incredible how mobile technology can transform education into something more enthralling and engaging than ever before.

There are many benefits to introducing mobile devices into the classroom, here are just a few to consider.

The first, and possibly the most important benefit of introducing technology into the classroom from an early age is that you are preparing your students for the future. As an educator, this is nothing new, however working with mobile devices will not only be a part of their everyday lives as adults, but also in the workplace and will also potentially be vital to many different career paths.  During BETT show in January, Robert Halfon MP said that “more than 10 million people in this country lack the basic digital skills required by modern jobs.” Introducing technology into the classroom is also teaching students from an earlier age to think critically about technologies use in their lives more broadly, stepping away from just playing games and staying connected with friends.

Secondly, use of digital devices in the classroom provides students with the most up-to-date information available. Having textbooks on mobile devices also means that there is easier access to their materials, no one carrying big books from one classroom to the next and they are much cheaper when purchased digitally. Having mobile devices also allows students instant access to the latest news, information, statistics and discoveries. Every question they have is at their fingertips and having mobile technology keeps them connected to the world around them.

Students who have difficulty controlling writing utensils and students with learning difficulties such as dyslexia may find technology in the classroom facilitates their needs. Instead of these children being singled out, having a technology filled classroom with all students will help foster a more inclusive classroom. Different students have different needs, different systems for learning and retaining information and introducing technology is another way to facilitate this.

Finally, with mobile technology facilitating education, you can also take learning outside of the classroom. Students will not only have access to information in class, but class can be taken outside to be enjoyed. Different rooms can be used, rather than being in stasis at one computer terminal. With mobile technology, students can also easily study at anytime, anywhere and have instant access to all of their materials and notes.

Although learning can take place in the absence of technology, valuable learning can also take place in the presence of it. When considering introducing technology into the classroom, secure storage is always important. With zioxi’s range of Charge and Sync trolleys, Cabinets and Lockers, you can keep your devices secure, charged and synced with the following days’ work, ready to go in the morning! To find out more about our solutions for iPads, tablets, laptops, phones and other mobile devices, please contact us! 01844280123

This week schools and children all over the world celebrated world book week. We looked through some of our favourite past LRC and Library projects!

zioxi worked with Childwall Valley Primary School in Liverpool to provide a furniture solution for their refurbished library. To create a bright and engaging learning environment, zioxi used bespoke CubeWall® system, large BookWorm® and zioxi’s s41 upholstered seats.

To see the full case study, please click here.



zioxi were delighted to work with Denbigh Primary school in Luton to furnish their LRC and infant library. In order to have the “wow” factor, a large curvy BookWorm® divided the area into two and soft upholstered seats and a Reading Nook were included. Lots of flexible furniture, such as the s41 Wedge soft seating and t41 desks were also used for working areas.

To see the full case study, please click here



The zioxi furniture proposal for Pipers Corner School in Great Kingshill involved using the Bookworm® and BookHive® to provide lots of storage for books, whilst integrated charging cubes within the CubeWall® provided a safe and secure place to store and charge tablet devices. The colour scheme was bright, bold and inspiring. Huge wall graphics at the end of the library brought a sense of fun to the space.

To see the full case study, please click here



For more information regarding any of our projects, please contact us on 01844280123 or


zioxi were delighted to work with The Marist School to upgrade their existing library into an innovative Learning Resource Centre.

The schools desire was to provide their students with the facilities to use technology as part of their learning. Their brief was to transform their underused and traditional library into a multifunctional, modern looking, bright and colourful space. They wanted to incorporate a combination of reading, BYOD charging and a classroom for homework, clubs and meetings.

“We’ve been really delighted with the new LRC. It has changed from being a traditional library to a space that incorporates girls studying and using resources. Just being in the room with a fresh look has changed how they approach learning.”

  • – Catherine Walsh, The Marist School


Collaborative learning, in its most basic form, is a situation in which two or more people learn or attempt to learn something together. This can be done through project based work, seminars or study groups. In universities, the collaborative approach is normally taken in seminars, where students have a chance to delve deeper into topics covered in lectures, in much smaller groups. But collaborative learning happens everywhere – in cafes, breakout areas and corridors!

Collaborative working assists in making difficult topics easier to understand, especially when they are explained by someone who only recently learnt the material themselves. Having the opportunity to bounce ideas and understanding off a peer, hugely helps with our own personal thinking. Professor Dan Butin has argued that peer to peer and project based learning should be used even more widely in schools and universities as they are “much better learning tools” than lectures or chalk and talk sessions. 

So, what is the best way to design your classroom to facilitate group work? The design of the collaborative classroom emphasizes group learning. In the ideal scenario, tables should be easy to move to enable groups of all sizes to sit or stand and work together. Being able to share work on a screen, or ideas on a writable surface encourages interaction and feedback. Allowing different styles of seating helps learners to choose the environment that they feel most comfortable in. This may be a table and chair, or it could be a soft seat or standing height table.

A popular approach is to also facilitate an informal learning space, for example breakout spaces or Learning resource centres, where students have comfortable areas with beanbags, reading nooks and dual purpose room dividers, for example bookcases. Here they are comfortable yet surrounded by resources to use for peer-to-peer learning.

With BYOD becoming more popular in universities and schools as part of the collaborative culture, students also need a way to bring their devices and work together in a more efficient way in order to collaborate. With zioxi’s collaborative tables, it is easier than ever to integrate technology and furniture to bring people, space and information together for greater collaboration than ever before. There is a wide choice of AV connection methods for BYOD laptops, tablets and smartphones.

We offer free consultation and design for all styles of learning, including collaborative.

Please contact us to arrange your visit! 01844280123  

You can tell a lot about a teacher and their teaching style just by walking into their classroom. Your classroom layout and furniture are important to help motivate and stimulate your students. From your layout, a student can tell either consciously or subconsciously, what kind of lessons you will be teaching them.

A  study, completed over a year, by the University of Salford suggests a schools physical design can improve or worsen a child’s academic performance by as much as 25% in early years. The study discovered that classroom design significantly affected academic importance.

Rows of desks reflect a more traditional and “executive” style of teaching, that does not easily facilitate collaboration or discussion and debate. Clusters of desks demonstrate a more nurturing and facilitative teaching style, that encourages group work.

At zioxi we believe that classroom design influences levels of interaction and engagement. This helps improve retention of subjects covered and encourages students to learn, which builds essential skills for life beyond the classroom. We offer full, free consultations to design, plan and install your classroom furniture for you so we can meet your exact needs and help you realise your vision.

“When we set about creating our new learning space it was vital that we worked with a company that listened to our ideas but also bought their knowledge to the conversation. It was also important for us to create spaces that could be adapted and changed at the drop of a hat and that could really be owned by the children and staff. From the outset we knew that we had chosen the right company and furniture because of the bespoke  nature of the discussions and the fact that we were listened to. It did not feel like a relationship where we were being forced to buy as much as possible, instead it was about what would suit our learning and teaching styles. The organisation, communication and customer care were second to none and the focus was always on developing a partnership for the future. The outcome has been fantastic and many people have commented on how the classes are so geared towards learning.”

Leigh Wolmarans – Headteacher @ Lings


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More and more students are bringing their own devices, and whilst this has obvious advantages, it also has an impact on the resources that you need to provide for your students. Here are three simple ways to enable and support the use of BYOD.

  1. Charging is the obvious challenge to overcome, and leads to the familiar sight of students huddled round a wall socket trying to charge and work at the same time. Obviously this is not ideal and can even lead to broken sockets and housings. PowerHubs provide a solution to this problem with the rechargeable functionality making floor boxes redundant. Suite with t41 tables and you have a ready to go working space for your students, with power, anywhere you want. So you can plug in your devices while you work.
  2. Students bringing their devices increases connection to content and this has a wonderfully positive effect on collaboration. Put simply – students share more with their own device. It’s important to create a forum for this sharing of ideas and content and the zioxi collaborative tables are perfect for facilitating group working.
  3. Finally, whilst students may have their own laptops or devices, sometimes they will need to work on a fixed PC. We see this particularity in HE with subjects like Media and Engineering requiring complicated software. Many of our customers are installing M1 desks to facilitate this requirement, these integrated desks have the advantage of the computers being hidden away. Simply push down to hide the computer and leave a clean and clear desk for your own device.

We have completed some wonderful projects this summer to help with BYOD, including bespoke dual screen M1 desks for Imperial College London, powerHubs for the University of Gloucestershire library and collaborative tables for Leeds Trinity University. More case studies to come!



We’ve installed some beautiful learning spaces this summer. Transforming study spaces from dull to beautiful means learning will be enhanced.  We have three new case studies: Colmers School, Eastfield Academy and Park Lane Primary showcasing stunning LRC spaces, IT suites and classrooms. 

These projects have the desire for practical, flexible learning spaces in common. We are very lucky to work with inspiring customers who want to make a difference to their learning environment.

We love our new BookHive® and we hope you will too! It’s perfect for Library Spaces adding that wow factor and giving a cosy place to curl up with a book, or for some quiet 1:1 reading time. It comes in a number of different configurations and you can even link two together!

Give us a call if you want more information, or to arrange a free, no obligation consultation.

Here at zioxi we love to develop products to solve problems and suit the needs of our customers, and the Slimline charging cabinet is one of the latest examples of this. Developed in association with the staff at Leicester Hospitals this cabinet facilitates charging in tight spaces – behind a nurses station in this example. The cabinet is available to order now and forms part of our large range of charging products. Hopefully we have a product to suit all needs – but if not then please let us know, we love to hear your furniture related problems!
The name Isis Concepts has a rich and positive history for us and we have happily used this name for many years due to its association with the river in our home town of Oxford. However due to recent events the name Isis is no longer a positive one and we felt it was time for us to move on.

From now on we will be known as zioxi. Nothing else will change, and our commitment to designing agile and practical learning spaces and inspirational products remains a priority.

Give us a call if you have any questions on the change and how it will affect you.

It’s been a busy week for us at zioxi. We were at the FE&HE Show on Wednesday showing off the new Collaborative table, powerHubs and Charging Lockers. Then up at one of our favourite schools to support the Microsoft technology training event which was inspirational as always, with Head Teachers from around the country learning about new technology and how they can use this in their schools.

We are always banging on about technology at zioxi because we strongly believe that a learning space should facilitate different styles of learning, and this really can be enhanced by the furniture that you provide for your students. We develop products that help to facilitate learning under the right conditions. Like our new Collaborative Table, this perfectly supports and encourages the collaboration required in the six dimensions of 21st century learning, whilst encouraging the use of technology and communication. Just perfect for preparing for the workplace. It also looks pretty great too.

As always though the technology and the furniture are only facilitators to learning and it’s the inspirational teachers and lecturers out that really make the magic happen. We feel very lucky to work with these people to realise their visions for the future. #feelingproud

zioxi were thrilled to work with Denefield Primary school to create a stunning library space. This space has a mix of curved bookshelves from the Bookworm range with integrated soft seating and breakout working areas.

The school had a grand opening of the Library with Author Jon Robinson invited to officially open the new space. You can read all about it here.

zioxi were thrilled to work with LEGO Education to design a gorgeous Innovation Studio for their new offices in Chester.

The space featured a custom designed zioxi CubeWall with integrated charging units, brightly coloured soft stools and storage. zioxi T41 tables make the space flexible for different group activities and a TeacherWall finishes off the space perfectly adding storage and sliding whiteboards.

zioxi were lucky to work with The British Study Centre to refurbish two spaces in the Oxford language School. The Den space is a relaxed area for the students to chill out in and includes some really comfy booth seating. Everything is modular and flexible to allow the space to be multipurpose.

Their Port space is a mobile ICT suite for iPads and Chromebooks. zioxi have integrated all their charging into the zioxi CubeWall so that the devices can be locked away to charge. zioxi powerHubs in the central areas allow students to charge their own devices too in order to cater for BYOD.

zioxi were thrilled to work with Reading College to refresh their wonderful Library space. The brief was to create a space that was bright and welcoming with lots of places for the students to work. To fit in the number of students required zioxi made the best use of the space with bespoke benching around the pillars and along the edges for individual working. In the collaborative working area interlocking Luna tables make the area really flexible, allowing different table configurations and layouts.

“Thanks zioxi, your patience and enthusiasm to go the extra mile, focus on the detail and deliver all of this in a tight timescale is magnificent.”– Paul Newman, Acting Principal

We think every classroom can benefit from having a soft seating area, and we are are not the only ones:

‘The soft seating and layout of our new learning zone has already encouraged greater participation and improved attitudes towards learning. The flexibility in the arrangement of this space has definitely produced increased engagement.’ Salima Ducker, Associate Leader REAch2 Academy Trust

New from zioxi the s41 Petal seats can be used as individual seats, or to create circles, ovals, waves, lines, and even flowers if you are feeling super creative! Check them out here

When Headteacher Tom Rees started his new role at Simon De Senlis Primary, he had big ideas about how he wanted to develop the school to its full potential. A key part of this development was to create inspiring learning spaces for both the children and the teachers.

zioxi were thrilled to help Tom and the team at Simon de Senlis achieve their vision and the results have made a real difference to the students.

Read all about it here


The TeacherWall from zioxi is a really simple and effective solution to store all your equipment at the front of the classroom. And now you can also add units to house your mobile devices so that at the end of the day you can lock them safely away to charge and rest – ready for a busy day tomorrow. Your interactive board or screen is integrated and you can add in a teacher desk too. This all works to give you much more room where it really matters – in your teaching area.

Take a look at how versatile it is in our new video!

Now available from zioxi – brand new iPad trolleys to accommodate larger iPad cases.

Large case – no problem! zioxi iPad trolleys are now available to accommodate larger iPad cases, including Kids Case, Gripcase, Big Grips, GoNow and Evecase. Like all of our iPad trolleys, the doors are lockable and fold all the way back. Handle cut outs allow you to wheel your trolley between classrooms and the compact design looks perfect in any learning environment.

This is just one of our range of mobile device storage solutions – view the full range here. If we don’t have what you are looking for let us know!

Flexible Classroom Desks

We managed to sit down with Director Nick Topliss to pick his brain on the importance of adaptable education furniture.

  1. How much difference can furniture really make to teaching and learning? Isn’t it just about aesthetics?

Furniture can make a huge difference to teaching and learning. Having adaptable furniture that really works for your space allows the teacher to vary their lesson plans to include different ways of working. This helps to keep children engaged.

Gone are the days of rows of desks all facing the front. Furniture can now be used to help support different learning styles. With modern adaptable classroom furniture you can move from a large group set up to small group working right down to individual tables. We have found that when children are comfortable in the classroom they really do learn better.

 2. For a school with a very tight budget, what would you advise as the single most transformative furniture investment that could be made?

Adaptable tables like the zioxi t41. These allow you to change your space quickly and easily. You can arrange them in circles, waves, ovals or as individual tables. They are strong and stable to deal with school life and have a robust compact top that is long lasting.

When you want to clear you space you can easily flip up the table tops and store them at the side. Tables like this are also great for using with technology and if you use iPads or Laptops you can integrate a power hub to ensure that you don’t run out of juice mid lesson!

 3. Many schools are moving to a BYOD/1:1 policy at the moment. What does this mean in terms of furniture requirements?

 Furniture is something that needs to be considered when changing your policy. If you are moving to support devices that allow students to learn anywhere, then your furniture needs to reflect this too.

Device charging and syncing is also a challenge. We offer solutions to help with cabinets and trolleys that are designed to charge overnight, and sync too if you want them to. Then there are hubs in case you need a midday top up, or if a student has forgotten to charge their device. We also sell charging lockers with separate power adapter storage that are designed to support a 1:1 policy.

4. How bespoke are the solutions offered by zioxi?

zioxi solutions are tailored by customer and we will work with you to design the space that suits your needs and the needs of your students. Our consultancy service is totally free and we will come and visit your school, talk through your requirements and see how the space is currently being used.

Our talented designers will then put together some plans, visuals and recommendations to show you how you could get the most from your classroom. When you are 100% happy, we then manage the whole installation process. Leaving you with a classroom that really does make a difference. 

Wow, look at this gorgeous BookWorm that has just settled in its new home. The kids will be getting a real treat when they return from their holidays! This space included a full zioxi BookWorm with integrated ICT tables, soft seating, bespoke reception desk and a host of adaptable T41  tables. All matched perfectly to the new school branding.
We are pleased to announce that our iPad Charge Trolleys, and our iPad Charge and Sync trolleys can now be delivered directly to you within 3-5 working days in the UK and from our German warehouse around Europe!

These units are compact, practical and fit nicely in the classroom environment. Give us a call on +44 1844 280123 to find out more!

Last week we were thrilled to attend the grand opening of Scientia Academy. zioxi had the very great pleasure of furnishing this entirely new build space.

Here is what our friends at Seddon had to say about working with zioxi:

@isisConcepts thank you so much for your help throughout the Project. Great product in a great environment.”

Full case study to follow!

zioxi iPad Charge & Sync Cabinets

A compact, robust desk top cabinet that can accommodate 8 iPads, tablet computers and other mobile devices in their cases (also available in 10 or 12 bay versions). Available in charge only or charge & sync variants, with or without a lockable door and with the option of a digital code lock or key lock.  Doors fold back 180 degrees for easy access. Optional security bolt & bracket for tethering the cabinet to a surface or wall.

Ideal for sitting on top or within cupboard units or on desktop surfaces. For use in offices, classrooms or even the staff room.

zioxi s41 hubtable with pluto power dome mains & USB sockets

The zioxi s41 HubTable provides a choice of UK mains and/or USB power sockets integrated into coffee style tables; for use with laptops, iPad, tablets and other mobile devices. Power sockets can be presented in a power dome mounted on the table surface, in a power strip in the upright column or hidden away in the centre column underneath a lift up centre section. The HubTable requires connection into a single mains socket and is designed to complement the zioxi s41 soft seating family.

zioxi s41 configureable soft seating shapes

Contemporary and configurable soft seating for Primary & Secondary school, college and university open plan learning and breakout areas. With the zioxi s41 soft seating you can create circles, waves, collaborative groups, clusters with tables or even a mini auditorium – endless possibilities.

BYOD Power HubLooking for an easy way to provide mains & USB power in the classroom for students’ own devices? The new zioxi BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) power hub could be the answer. The BYOD power hub has 6 mains power sockets, with the option for a further 6 USB powered ports. The tube design provides a mobile power station for any laptop or tablet. Ideal for school, college and university settings where students are likely to drop in with their own devices and sometimes will need power during the day.
Laptop FlipTop deskFed up with having to get your laptops in & out of school laptop trolleys and all connected up? The new zioxi t02 Laptop desk can really help – the desk securely & neatly stores your laptops away when not in use, leaving a clear desk for more focussed study; and on the turn of a key the lockable desk presents the laptop immediately ready for use with power & data all connected up. Less laptop damage, more learning time. If you’d like to learn more, click here.


Finding a charging trolley to suit iPads fitted with Big Grips Frames has been a real problem. So zioxi have teamed up with Big Grips to design a trolley which is purpose made for the task. The trolley provides a solution for storing, charging & syncing iPads in their Frames, whilst also providing a storage solution for the Big Grips Stands and any iPad accessories such as switches and joysticks. Big Grips Frames are extensively used throughout early years and special needs education. Big Grips and zioxi are pleased to announce these products are now available. For more information click here.

zioxi are pleased to announce the addition of intelligent Charge and Sync options to our range of iPad & tablet trolleys and stations.  The USB Charge & Sync technology provides for the charging of any USB device, detecting the specific device attached to each USB port in order to ensure the correct & optimum amount of power is delivered. This means the same trolley or station can be used to charge a variety of USB devices (eg. iPad, Android tablet, mobile phone, iPod) at the same time without needing to change power adaptors. If a host computer is attached, the intelligent technology will switch to Sync mode. For more information, click here.iPad charge, sync & store trolley / cart for schools & colleges
zioxi have been specialists in designing desks to neatly & robustly house computers for over 20 years. The zioxi hideaway computer desk range includes both manually activated and powered mechanisms for raising & hiding the computer screens, whilst storing each computer CPU in either a secure housing or a simple CPU hanger. At BETT 2013, zioxi added to the range with the introduction of the zioxi iMac Power Up Table which can be designed to accommodate from 4 iMacs upwards. For more information on the full range of zioxi computer desk furniture, please click here.

zioxi iMac Power Up Table

The zioxi Teacher Desk is a desk designed specifically to meet the needs of teachers. It’s mobile on discrete castors so you can easily re-arrange your classroom, it houses a removeable deep storage bin so you can take all your stuff with you and it’s got a D shaped end for those 1-1s with your students – so designed for the way a teacher works. Want to know more, then click here.


zioxi’s agile t41 family of furniture featured prominently in a recent BBC programme called The Classroom Experiment. The programme highlighted how a traditional classroom could be transformed into an adaptable & lively learning space with a lick of paint and the choice of flexible, ergonomic furniture from zioxi. Take a look at highlights of the BBC programme