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How do I charge and secure 30 iPads?

The best way to do this is to get yourself a charging trolley, or a charging cart as they are sometimes known. This trolley will allow you to charge multiple iPads or tablets whilst also keeping the iPads securely under lock and key. You also have the added advantage that the trolley can be wheeled to where ever you need the iPads or tablets.

Charging trolleys can be secured with several key options. From traditional key locks to RFID locks where you use a card or code locks that require a specific code.

Depending on your requirements you may wish your tablets or iPads to be able to receive wifi signal whilst secure and on charge inside the trolley. This is useful so that your devices can receive system and application updates and can save the user time during use of the devices.

When you receive your trolley you will need to install the individual device chargers into the trolley. This is very easy to do and instructions will be supplied.


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