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Introducing the latest addition to the zioxi family – Lecterns!

At zioxi we enjoy innovating and are always looking for new ways to improve our product range. Following our appointment as the top ranked supplier on the national furniture framework for HE in lot 2 (AV & IT Furniture), we have updated our range to include Lecterns.

Of course, there are many different options you can have – but here are some of the key features we have included to make them the perfect product!

Height Adjustable
It’s important to cater for all shapes and sizes and having a section that can adjust to different heights does just that. So, if you are 5ft 4 or 6ft4 you can have the height that works for you. You can either have a height adjustable section, or can choose to have the whole worktop adjust, all at the touch of a button.

Full access panels
Complex AV equipment needs easy access, initially for set up, but also for management and updates of equipment. With our lecterns the whole panel rolls back out of the way to allow you to access all areas of your rack. Of course, it’s easy to lock too so only those you want to access it can!

Plenty of rack space
Our double AV lecterns have 30U of rack space allowing you to house masses of equipment. If you don’t need that much then the single AV lecterns have 15U of space, which is more than enough for most teaching areas. We have an option to make the racks removable as well which allows for easy set up of equipment leading to a smooth installation.

AV integration
It goes without saying that an AV lectern needs Audio Visual equipment! Our lecterns can integrate with any systems that are available. You can also integrate monitor arms, microphones, retractable cable systems and power distribution.

Custom Branding
A lectern needs to be a reflection of your brand. All our styles have a front panel that is perfect to house your logo. Of course, we can customise in colours and materials to match your branding so that they really do stand out and demand attention.

All of our lecterns can be seen here – and if there isn’t one that’s perfect for you then let us know! We are always happy to work with our customers to create bespoke products to suit your needs.