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Not sure which charging product is for you? Use our roadmap!

Product Roadmap: Charging Solutions

From our tablet trolley to BYOD locker to transporter case, we pride our charging solutions for being compact, clever, sleek and simple to use. Whether you need to charge iPads, Tablets, MacBooks, Chromebooks or Smartphones… we have charging solutions to accommodate all your devices.

Through our product roadmap, it is now easier than ever to find the right charging solution for you, whether that be a laptop trolley for a classroom or learning space, a 1:1 or BYOD smartphone charging locker for a festival or an iPad Charge & Store cabinet for employee devices on the shop floor… zioxi has you covered. Our product roadmap helps you directly compare and contrast each product and ultimately identify the perfect fit for your charging needs. Each product is based around our user-centred ethos and we put great design at the centre of everything we do. The combination of expert design and embedded intelligence forms the character of all our products.


onView’s role in our charging solutions

zioxi’s charging trolleys, lockers and cabinets incorporate our onView system to make charging your devices easier, more efficient and more environmentally friendly. Our onView technology provides Green, Smart & Timed Charge options.

onView also provides local, web and automatic schedule control, configurable rule based alerts to flag when trolleys aren’t plugged in, locked in or in the right location at the end of the day; and powerful status and usage information like how many devices are charging, whether charging has completed and how much a trolley is used.

Sustainability and the environment

onView helps us do more for the environment. We offer our customers a green charge option so you can choose to charge your devices when energy from renewable sources are most prominently supplying the grid. Sustainability is also at the centre of our design thinking; all our charging trolleys are built from recyclable materials and any plastic elements are already recycled.

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