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Phones at the dinner table?

OK – we have all been guilty of it. You go out to a bar or restaurant and realise that instead of paying attention to your friends and family, you are staring at your phone screen and only half listening. This article about a bar in Hove got us thinking about this problem this week and how we can help.

Now the bar in the article has gone to huge amounts of effort to block the mobile phone service, but there is a much simpler way to achieve the same goal. A smartphone charging locker can be used for customers to lock their phones away on entry – safe in their own compartment with a code chosen by the customer. So while you have dinner and actually socialise, your phone is charging and ready to go when you leave. This video shows it perfectly.

Customers that are more engaged in the experience (and less in their phone) are much more likely to spend more and stay longer so it’s a win for business as well as friendships!