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zioxi Height Adjustable Collaborative Tables

Collaborative working encourages students to take control of their learning, and now they can take control of their table and AV media too. The zioxi Height Adjustable Collaborative Table provides the choice of working height. Move from sitting to standing all at the push of a button. And of course we also include options for charging and AV connectivity, AV storage and AV control.

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Sit or Stand, Height Adjustable Collaborative tables for team working

The zioxi range of height adjustable collaborative tables enable team working in either sitting or standing positions. Great for truly active learning around a shared display screen, using participants mobile devices.


Key features:

  • Height adjustable at the press of a button from 630mm upto 1200mm
  • 6U AV & PC secure storage tray discretely positioned under the table surface. Options to increase capacity if required.
  • A range of shapes and sizes with collaborative table designs to support from 5 to 10 students and team members
  • Choice of worksurfaces including laminate, wood and MFMDF with a wide range of colour and finish options
  • Mains & USB power sockets provided in the centre of the table using the zioxi powerDome and captive HDMI, VGA and/or USB cables can be presented to the table surface using the zioxi cableRing.
  • Optional interface panel for controls, mains sockets and a choice of data ports
  • All cabling is hidden within the built-in cable management
  • Bespoke solutions available so please get in touch to discuss your requirements, including fixed leg versions
  • Now also available with zioxi onView web control and monitoring of power, occupancy and position


zioxi Height Adjustable Collaborative Tables

zioxi onView. Control your table over the web

Add onView to control and monitoring any table using the onView phone app and web browser.

Save money and be green by automatically turning off power too individual or all IT equipment when not in use.

Increase satisfaction by providing users with real time table availability on their phones.

Remote and central control of height adjustable table up/down button lock & top position.

Reduce staff time through remote control and providing alerts only when intervention is required.

Improve utilisation by providing real time & historic data on asset use, location and state.


  • Codes and Dimensions
    CT-PM-HF-2114-AV Height Adjustable Collaborative table (Plectrum) for 5 people, MFMDF top, 6U AV storage, powerDome & cableRing 210L x 140W x 63<120H
    CT-RM-HF-2414-AV Height Adjustable Collaborative table (Rectangle) for 7 people, MFMDF top, 6U AV storage, powerDome & cableRing 240L x 140W x 63<120H
    CT-RM-HF-3615-AV Height Adjustable Collaborative table (Rectangle) for 10 people, MFMDF top, 12U AV storage, powerDome & cableRing 360L x 150W x 63<120H
    CT-DM-HF-2914-AV Height Adjustable Collaborative table (D-end Rectangle) for 8 people, MFMDF top, 9U AV storage, powerDome & cableRing 290L x 140W x 63<120H
    CT-SM-HF-3114-AV Height Adjustable Collaborative table (Shield) for 8 people, MFMDF top, 6U AV storage, powerDome & cableRing 310L x 140W x 63<120H
    CT-CM-HF-1715-AV Height Adjustable Collaborative table (Circular) for 5 people, MFMDF top, 6U AV storage, powerDome & cableRing 170L x 150W x 63<120H
  • Finish and Specifications
    Construction & Finishes Steel frame, powder coated in silver grey as standard. Top in a choice of laminate, wood or MFMDF. Choice of top thicknesses, colours & finishes. Tables can be easily colour coded by using different panel mount or edging colours.
    Display mounting Standard VESA mounting positions from 70 x 70 up to 400 x 200 (mm) are supported for 1 or 2 displays. Any display size supported. Mast design needs to be specified & ordered separately. (Display not included).
    Power supply Requires mains power sockets. UK, EU & most other country socket & lead options available.
    Warranty 5 years for Collaborative Media Table, 2 years for electrical parts


    Whilst every care is taken to provide accurate colour reproduction, some slight variation may occur due to the limitations of the print process, differences in natural materials or between manufacturing batches.

  • Additional Options
    powerDome zioxi powerDome with 2 mains & 2 USB sockets (1 type A + 1 type C)
    cableRing zioxi cableRing with 4 ports for neatly providing cables to the table surface. Cables are manually extracted and hidden away. Suitable for HDMI, VGA, USB and all other cables upto 6mm diameter (other sizes on request).  (Cables not included)
    AV Storage 6U AV & PC equipment storage capacity is provided as standard within the under top storage tray. Removable panels provide excellent access to both sides of any equipment. Optional cut outs in access panels can be provided to reveal buttons and ports if required.
    Interface Panel Optional interface panel for housing control displays, mains sockets and a wide choice of data ports including HDMI, USB A & C, VGA, Ethernet, Audio jack and many others. Please specify & add when ordering.
    Power & data distribution Any power or data distribution within the table is not provided as standard but can be provided on request.
    The zioxi Collaborative tables are designed to accommodate a wide array of AV solutions, so please get in touch to discuss your requirements and we will do our best to help.
  • OnView Features

    collaborative tables iot control