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iPad Transporter Cases

The zioxi transporter cases are designed so you can move your iPads around safely either inside or out. Lockable storage for upto 16 iPads or tablets, with integrated USB-C power.

The unique zioxi cable management port means only a short length of USB cable is presented to users for each tablet. Cleverly designed case ventilation means you can charge with the lid closed. The 16th storage bay is wider so can be used for the mains cable & plug or storing and charging an iPad or tablet.

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The smallest and lightest iPad transporters

The zioxi Transporter Cases are great for moving iPads and tablets between floors & buildings, and even out and about. Charging and storage for upto 16 iPads & tablets with integrated USB power.

Key features:

  • At under 11 Kg, the 16 bay iPad case is much lighter and smaller than alternative products
  • Intelligent and universal USB-C charging electronics  – 15 USB type C ports plus 1 mains socket for use with an Apple 20W USB-C charger
  • The 16th bay is wider and can either be used to store & charge a tablet or store the mains cable & plug
  • Cleverly designed ventilation for charging with the lid closed
  • Telescopic handle & castors
  • Designed for iPads & tablet PCs in standard cases (even as large as the Griffin Survivor and Otterbox Defender) – but please check dimensions including USB power connector before ordering
  • zioxi cable management means only a short length of USB cable is presented to users – so the case is always neat & tidy (device USB cables not included)
  • Constructed from high impact plastic with shock absorbing bumpers and corner protectors
  • Cases are foam lined for added protection with lockable lids



iPad Transporter Cases


  • Codes and Dimensions
    TRANUC-TB-16-UK iPad Transporter case with telescopic handle, wheels and USB-C power for upto 16 iPads and tablets (up to 10.5” screens). UK mains lead. 58W x 51D x 26H 11 Kg
    TRANUC-TB-16-EU iPad Transporter case with telescopic handle, wheels and USB-C power for upto 16 iPads and tablets (up to 10.5” screens). EU mains lead. 58W x 51D x 26H 11 Kg

    * Case weights are excluding devices


    Shelf dimensions:
    The iPad Transporter Cases are designed to accommodate iPads, USB tablets and eReaders up to 11” screen sizes. The shelf aperture size (mm) is 305d x 190h x 27w – big enough so you can leave your iPads and tablets in their cases, but best to check your device dimensions (including the power connector) before ordering.


    End Power Connection Back Power Connection
  • Finish and Specifications
    Construction Ruggedised HDPE case and lockable lid, with foam lining and robust plastic slot dividers.
    Power connection Detachable 1m IEC mains lead with either UK or EU plug and external IEC socket.
    Integrated USB-C  Tablet Power option Integrated USB-C and USB-A power system housed in the front accessible electrical side bay. No need to store and carry AC chargers. Requires 1 power socket (UK, EU and others on request) per cabinet.

    USB Type-C ports support the Power Delivery (PD3.0) specification at voltages of 5V, 9V, 12V, 15V and 20V. So suitable for charging all types of Type C enabled devices including phones and tablets at up to 20W per port.

    USB Type-A ports support the Fast Charge (QC3.0/QC2.0) specification at voltages of 5V, 9V and 12V, so suitable for charging phones, tablets and other small USB Type A devices.

    Supplied with 15 double USB-C / USB-A ports – USB cables can be plugged into either the USB-C or USB-A port of each pair. Spare mains socket can be fitted with an Apple 20W USB-C charger to charge a 16th iPad.

    Perfect for 8th Gen or later iPads with USB-C cables.

    (Individual device USB cables are required but not included. Apple Charger not included).

    USB-A Power options (on request) Intelligent USB-A charge only technology detects each connected device and determines the optimum charge settings. No need to purchase or store USB AC power adapters. Compatible with Apple iPads (upto 7th generation) and Android tablets, smartphones and other USB-A charged devices.
    Warranty 5 years (2 years for electronics)