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1:1 Laptop Charging Locker module

The 8 locker compartments are accessed via individual code locks. Each user chooses their own 4 digit code, enters it to lock the door and again to re-open – just like a hotel safe. The next user repeats the process, so each locker compartment can be used by different people throughout the day. There’s an option for single user codes for repeat usage and master codes for if codes are forgotten. Also available with key locks.

The zioxi 1:1 Laptop Charging Locker modules are designed for situations such as 1:1 computing where the type of laptop to be charged is known. The 1:1 Charging Locker has a separate electrical compartment with shelving for storing & plugging in laptop chargers; so there’s no need for users to cart around chargers and cables.

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Desktop Charging Locker module for laptops

Key features:

  • AC chargers and cables are stored in a separate electrical compartment. Cables can be set to length & secured using the unique cable ports, leaving each compartment tidy & ready to use
  • Premium quality compact laminate doors and shelves
  • Small compact desktop module which can be secured to worktops or walls
  • 8 bay locker modules, other sizes on request
  • Key lock, digital code lock, RFID access card lock and mechanical combination lock options (master override key options with all locks)
  • Suitable for laptops but please check dimensions before ordering



1:1 Laptop Charging Locker module


  • Codes and Dimensions
    CHLC-11L-08 1:1 Locker module for charging 8 laptop computers, AC adapter storage with digital code locks (with master key). 52W x 50D x 68H
    CHLK-11L-08 1:1 Locker module for charging 8 laptop computers, AC adapter storage with key locks. 52W x 50D x 68H
    CHLR-11L-08 1:1 Locker module for charging 8 laptop computers, AC adapter storage with RFID access card / fob locks (with master key). 52W x 50D x 68H
    CHLM-11L-08 1:1 Locker module for charging 8 laptop computers, AC adapter storage with mechanical combination locks (with master key). 52W x 50D x 68H


    Shelf dimensions:
     The laptop locker module is designed to accommodate laptops up to 16” screen sizes. The shelf aperture size is 450d x 300w x 65h (mm) – big enough for pretty much all but the very largest laptops, although best to check device & case dimensions (including with the power connector plugged in) before ordering.


    End Power Connection Back Power Connection
  • Finish and Specifications

    Construction Compact laminate doors and shelves, white melamine-faced MDF carcase, blue electrical compartment steel cover.
    Charge only models – manufacturer supplied AC adapters Requires 1 power socket (UK, EU and others).

    Supports device AC power adapters with UK and EU plug formats, others by request.

    (Individual tablet AC power adapters & USB cables are required but not included. We recommend the use of manufacturer supplied power adapters and cables to ensure the safe delivery of the correct power).

    Warranty 5 years (2 years for electronics and locks)