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Charging Trolleys : onView Details

Charging Trolleys fitted with zioxi onView provide automatic, web & local control of your carts by mobile app and the web console, individually, in groups, by room, by floor, by building or even the whole organisation. Great for reducing carbon emissions, saving money and keeping control of your mobile device charging trolleys remotely.

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Smart, green charging via the web

Key features:

  • Smart Charge – it monitors mobile device charging until it detects the devices are fully charged, then it cuts power to the individual chargers saving energy and prolonging  the device battery life
  • Green Charge – automatically starts Smart Charge at the times of minimum carbon electricity generation through integration with National Electricity Grids. Charging is automatically scheduled at the optimum time twice every 24 hours, once at night & once during the day or controlled using Rules
  • Timed Charge – to set charging to occur for a user defined amount of time
  • Auto Charge – Smart & Timed charge can be scheduled to automatically occur whenever you want using a 24/7 web based schedule saved onto charging trolleys
  • Device Count – at the start of Smart & Green charge cycles, the onView system estimates & reports how many mobile devices are charging
  • Door Lock Sensors – the open / closed status of locks is continuously monitored and reported
  • Temperature – mobile device battery life is temperature dependent. Temperature measured at the top of the electrical bay is continuously monitored and managed through user definable settings and alerts. Power will cut out in the event of over heating.
  • Custom Rules – allows users (and zioxi staff if you’d like our help) to establish alerts and rule driven actions to aid trolley management, including notifications for charging completed, number of devices charging, doors unlocked at the end of the day or opened out of hours, mains power unplugged and much more.
  • Live View – provides real time status information with each trolley displayed on a choice of map, list & tile views, including charging state, power consumption, temperature and location.
  • Reports – give historic information on carbon footprint, renewable energy usage, charging duration and times, number of devices on charge, power consumed, temperature, a chronology of activity and much more.
  • Updates – the local trolley software is regularly updated through automatic “over the air” updates.

User Interfaces:

  • Web Console – supports the full functionality of the onView platform including a summary dashboard; individual & bulk device monitoring, control and details edit; schedule creation; rules creation; location management; user management; event, state & variables historic reporting and a knowledge library.
  • Mobile App – provides simple control & monitoring of multiple trolleys at once and user configurable notifications.
  • Local Device Controls – a screen & robust touch buttons provide status information at the trolley and the ability to initiate different charging modes. There’s also a passcode access control option.
  • Languages – the zioxi onView web console, app & local devices support Dutch, English, French, German, Italian and Swedish languages.


Charging Trolleys : onView Details

zioxi onView. Control your charging trolleys and cabinets over the web

Save money & prolong battery lives by automatically turning off charging as soon as devices are fully charged.

Reduce CO2 emissions by automatically charging at the greenest times.

Improve security by alerting when trolleys and cabinets aren't locked at the end of the day.

Enhance learning outcomes by ensuring devices are returned and charging each night.

Reduce staff time by automating tasks and providing alerts only when intervention is required.

Improve utilisation by providing real time & historic data on use, location and state.


  • Codes and Dimensions

    onView Charging Trolleys

    Device TypeMax Device sizeTrolley CapacitySmart ChargeGreen ChargePower Usage Temp ControlDoor Lock SensorsLocal ScreenLicence (Years)
    CHRGT-TB-32-K-O3iPad / tablet11″32✓*3
    CHRGT-TB-20-K-O3iPad / tablet11″20✓*3
    CHRGT-TB-16-K-O3iPad / tablet11″16✓*3

    1. Change -K to -C for Digital code locks, or to -R for RFID card locks
    2. Add -EU for European sockets

    * Green Charge only available in the UK currently, other countries to follow – please get in touch to find out more.

  • Finish and Specifications
    Supported Trolley Typeszioxi onView control and monitoring for Charging Trolleys is only available with new purchases of zioxi charging trolleys. Please ensure you select an onView trolley variant when ordering.
    Product ConfigurationsTrolleys with capacity to store 16, 20 & 32 devices. UK & EU AC mains outlets as standard.
    Local InterfaceDisplay screen with 4 separate touch buttons. Local controls include Timed Charge, Smart Charge, WiFi Setup and other Admin functions. Local screen provides information on Charging & Power states, Lock state, Auto Schedule control state & WiFi connection. Screen use can be passcode login enabled using onView web console. Screen and electronics all recessed below the flush compact laminate top surface with no mechanical buttons – so robust and easy to clean.
    Power ConnectionRequires 1 external AC power connection. Supports UK & EU 220V – 240V AC mains plugs & sockets, others by request.

    Rechargeable battery backup is included to support continuing trolley communication whilst disconnected from mains power. Automatic battery recharge.

    ConnectivityConnectivity from each charging trolley to the zioxi cloud service is via 2.4Ghz WiFi utilising existing establishment Wireless Access Points. An SSID configured for only the 2.4GHz frequency is essential (using the same SSID name for both a 2.4GHz and a 5GHz network will cause connectivity issues). Most WiFi security protocols are supported, with the exception of captive security requiring the dynamic entry of user ID and password. This WAP based approach provides flexibility in terms of trolley locations and requires no additional network infrastructure. Firewall & filtering access out to the web may need local configuration.
    onView LicenseTypically a standard 3 year subscription is bundled with the initial product purchase (see Product Codes). Extensions for future years are available on request.
    Warranty5 years (2 years for all electrical parts). Warranty requires WiFi connection to the zioxi cloud service. This enables automatic software updates and remote support.