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Rechargeable powerHubs : onView Details

zioxi onView mobile rechargeable powerHubs provide AC mains & USB power anywhere, anytime without the need for floor or wall power sockets. The onView device & web based system manages battery life by ensuring powerHubs turn off & sleep when not in use and by automatically alerting owners when recharging is required. Smart and green recharging is automatically controlled via the onView web console minimising the energy required for recharging and utilising the greenest energy in any day.  powerHubs can be managed by mobile app and web console individually, in groups, by room, by floor, by building or even the whole organisation.

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Reliable AC & USB power anywhere, anytime

Key features:

  • Smart Recharge – monitors powerHub recharging until the system detects that the battery is fully charged, then it turns off mains power saving energy and prolonging the battery life.
  • Green Recharge – automatically starts Smart Recharging at the times of maximum green energy electricity generation through integration with National Electricity Grids. Once a powerHub is plugged into mains power, if Green Recharging is enabled, the powerHub will automatically start recharging at the next optimum green energy time.
  • Timed On – once turned on by a user (using a local button press, App or web console) the powerHub will continue supplying AC mains & USB power for a set time (typically 60 minutes) & then turn off to preserve battery life. This time can be extended by users at anytime and the Timer can be restarted if required.
  • Auto On – the powerHub can be scheduled using the web console to automatically be on or off using a 24/7 schedule saved to 1, some or all powerHubs
  • Notifications & Email Alerts – regularly recharging a powerHub when empty is important to ensure it’s always ready for use and to help maintain a healthy battery. A number of ready made notifications and email alerts are included and can be edited by users as required.
  • Temperature – the life of any rechargeable battery is temperature dependent, so the onView device & web system continuously monitor and manage the internal powerHub temperature to ensure long & safe battery life. Power will cut out in the event of over heating during use or recharging.
  • Custom Rules – allows users (and zioxi staff if you’d like our help) to establish alerts and rule driven actions to aid powerHub management, including notifications for recharging completed & powerHub ready for use, battery level, mains power unplugged, powerHub not been used and much more.
  • Live View – provides real time status information with each powerHub displayed on a choice of map, list & tile views, including recharging state, power consumption, temperature and location.
  • Reports – give historic information on recharging durations and times, usage, power consumed, temperature, a chronology of activity and more.
  • Updates – the local powerHub software is regularly updated through automatic “over the air” updates.

User Interfaces:

  • Web Console – supports the full functionality of the onView platform including a summary dashboard; individual & bulk device monitoring, control and details edit; schedule creation; rules creation; location management; user management; event, state & variables historic reporting and a knowledge library.
  • Mobile App – provides simple control & monitoring of one or more powerHubs at once.
  • Local Device Controls – a screen & robust touch buttons provide status information at the powerHub and the ability to initiate & halt use and extend the time on. This user screen can be passcode protected via the onView web console device management screens if required.
  • Languages – the zioxi onView web console, app & local devices support Dutch, English, French, German, Italian and Swedish languages.


Rechargeable powerHubs : onView Details

zioxi onView. Control your powerHubs over the web

Reduce CO2 emissions by automatically recharging at the greenest times.

Ensure powerHubs are always ready for use as a result of alerts that prompt recharging when needed.

Save money & prolong battery lives by automatically turning off recharging as soon as powerHubs are fully charged.

Improve utilisation by providing real time & historic data on use, location and state.


  • Codes and Dimensions


    onView Rechargeable powerHubs

    powerHub TypepowerHub Capacity (Wh)Smart ChargeGreen ChargePower Usage Temp ControlRules & AlertsLicence (Years)
    HUB5D-L120-2M2UMidi powerHub12003

    1.  Add -EU for European sockets or -UK for United Kingdom

  • Finish and Specifications
    Supported powerHub Typeszioxi onView control and monitoring for powerHubs is only available with new purchases of zioxi Rechargeable powerHubs.
    Product ConfigurationsRechargeable powerHubs with battery capacities of approximately 1200Wh and 1800Wh with a choice of UK & EU AC mains power, USB-A and USB-C power outlets.
    Local InterfaceDisplay screen with 4 separate touch buttons mounted on the top surface of the powerHubs. These local controls are for waking the powerHub and controlling on, off & time extension by users. The display also provides information on battery level, time remaining and recharging status when plugged into a mains power supply. WiFi Setup and a subset of Admin functions are also accessible behind 6 digit passcode access controls. Additional control and monitoring of the powerHub operation and recharging is via the onView mobile app and web console. Local screen user access can be passcode protected using onView web console.
    Power ConnectionRequires 1 external AC power connection when recharging is required. Supports UK & EU 220V – 240V AC mains plugs & sockets, others by request.
    Rechargeable Battery HealthRechargeable powerHubs will revert to a Sleep mode to preserve battery capacity when not in use. In Sleep mode, the powerHub consumes less than 0.1W. A powerHub can be woken from sleep by pressing the left hand button or using the App or web console remotely. If the powerHub is left uncharged for a prolonged period it will automatically go into a Hibernate state to protect the battery. It can be woken from hibernation by plugging in mains power to start recharging or by pressing the left hand button on the device.
    ConnectivityConnectivity from each powerHub to the zioxi cloud service is via 2.4Ghz WiFi utilising existing establishment Wireless Access Points. An SSID configured for only the 2.4GHz frequency is essential (using the same SSID name for both a 2.4GHz and 5GHz networks will cause connectivity issues). Most WiFi security protocols are supported, with the exception of captive security requiring the dynamic entry of user ID and password. This WAP based approach provides flexibility in terms of powerHub locations and requires no additional network infrastructure. Firewall & filtering access out to the web may need local configuration.
    onView LicenseTypically a standard 3 year subscription is bundled with the initial product purchase (see Product Codes). Extensions for future years are available on request.
    Warranty2 years. Warranty requires WiFi connection to the zioxi cloud service. This enables automatic software updates and remote support.


  • OnView Features

    zioxi overview of powerhubs onview