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zioxi Active Petal

With four individual work surfaces (petals) that can be set independently at any of eight different heights, you can choose the perfect height for the task in hand – from cutting and sticking to using a laptop or coffee and a chat. Available in a range of colours.

A table for breakout spaces and communal areas.

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Sit. Adjust. Smile!

Key features:

  • Provides individual ergonomic table height adjustment for laptop & tablet use
  • Gently pull an individual table surface up to the height you require
  • Long lasting strong compact laminate surfaces
  • Robust design
  • Colour options available


zioxi Active Petal


  • Codes and Dimensions
    ACT-P-01-2 Active petal table with 2 independent work surfaces, with 8 different height increments 86<120dia x 47H<74H
    ACT-P-01-4 Active petal table with 4 independent work surfaces, with 8 different height increments 86<120dia x 47H<74H
  • Finish and Specifications


    Surface Material Compact Laminate worksurface
    Frame Welded steel base frame
    Warranty 5 years


    Whilst every care is taken to provide accurate colour reproduction, some slight variation may occur due to the limitations of the print process, differences in natural materials or between manufacturing batches.