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zioxi CubeWall®

The zioxi CubeWall® is a multi-functional, modular cube storage system which provides a fun alternative to library shelving. The CubeWall is easily configured to suit any space with variable heights, spurs, seating bays, storage for soft seating cubes and box & tray storage. There’s also a choice of coloured doors and individually coloured cube back panels & frames to really bring your learning space to life.

More details

Modular cube storage with seats, shelves and cupboards

Key features:

  • This is a modular system that you can customise to suit your space and needs
  • 2,3,4 or 5 units high
  • Integrated lighting for display
  • Lockable doors
  • Mains or USB power
  • Integrated soft seating and stools
  • Range of different coloured doors, cube frames, back panels and soft seating


zioxi CubeWall®


  • Codes and Dimensions

    Each zioxi CubeWall® is custom designed to meet your needs, so please give us a call to discuss the endless possibilities and we will happily draw up some ideas.

  • Finish and Specifications


    Material White MFMDF carcase, coloured MDF, MFC & Compact doors, frames & backs
    Warranty 10 years


    Whilst every care is taken to provide accurate colour reproduction, some slight variation may occur due to the limitations of the print process, differences in natural materials or between manufacturing batches.

See us in action

The whole project has been a great success with both the students and teachers loving their new envionment.

The vision for the school was to create classroom spaces that were flexible, the Learning Resource Centre which would become the ‘heart’ of the school and also to maximise storage space wherever possible. The classroom desks and chairs needed to be easily rearranged by the students.

St Teresa’s Primary School visited the Microsoft Showcase space in London and were totally inspired by what Zioxi could achieve. The project has been a great success.

St Teresa’s Primary School visited the Microsoft Showcase space in London, the School came back inspired and full of ideas on what they would like to achieve in their own high tech spaces. Being multi-functional, adaptable and engaging were the key points to making these spaces work.