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zioxi Height Adjustable Desks

It’s becoming more and more popular to be able to stand and sit at your workstation. Now, with zioxi HA1 and HA2 tables you can choose the height that you work or learn. At the touch of a button the desk is adjustable to any height, allowing you to choose positions that are the most comfortable, so you can perform at your very best and stay healthy throughout the day.

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Simple, sit or stand desks

Key features:

  • Modular system with a wide range of desk top sizes and a choice of controls
  • Wide range of laminate & MFMDF finishes from white, light grey and wood
  • HA1 includes an element of collision detection and management through power monitoring
  • HA2 includes built in Piezo hardware collision detection which halts movement and reverses actuator direction
  • Large range of travel – HA1 (500mm) and HA2 (650mm)
  • A choice of CPU hangers & security enclosures for PCs, arms with security fixings for monitors and screen dividers in a range of fabrics. Option to add a cable tray
  • A complimentary range of desktop power & data options
  • Option of zioxi onView web based occupancy sensing and reporting


zioxi Height Adjustable Desks

zioxi onView. deskSense and tableSense

Add onView deskSense or tableSense so that your users can easily find available spaces to work or meet using the mobile app.

Real time desk occupancy can be viewed on a zoomable map and dashboard.

All information can be filtered including by table type, location and occupancy.

Increase user satisfaction by providing students with real time desk availability & notifications on their phones.

Reduce staff time by providing alerts only when desk maintenance is required.

Improve utilisation through real time & historic data on asset use, location and state.


  • Codes and Dimensions
    HA1-1000S-67H Single Height Adjust desk, T-frame, MFMDF worktop 100W x 67D x 71<121H
    HA1-1200S-67H Single Height Adjust desk, T-frame, MFMDF worktop 120W x 67D x 71<121H
    HA1-1600S-75H Single Height Adjust desk, T-frame, MFMDF worktop 160W x 75D x 71<121H
    HA1-2000S-75H Single Height Adjust desk, T-frame, MFMDF worktop 200W x 65D x 71<121H
    HA2-1000S-67H Single Height Adjust desk, T-frame, MFMDF worktop, Anti-collision 100W x 67D x 61<127H
    HA2-1200S-67H Single Height Adjust desk, T-frame, MFMDF worktop, Anti-collision 120W x 67D x 61<127H
    HA2-1600S-75H Single Height Adjust desk, T-frame, MFMDF worktop, Anti-collision 160W x 75D x 61<127H


  • Finish and Specifications


    Construction & Finishes Steel powder coated metalwork, laminate or MFMDF top surface. Leg frames in RAL 9006 silver as standard, options of white & dark grey. Other colour and finish options available on request.
    Display mounting Range of monitor arm and mount options, including security fixings.
    Divider Screens Call for design & fabric options.
    Controls Two button up/down control as standard, other options on request.
    CPU hanger Options of full security enclosures, metal and belt hangers.
    Cable management Cable tray fitted as an optional extra—please specify when ordering.
    Warranty 5 years, 2 years for electrical parts


    Whilst every care is taken to provide accurate colour reproduction, some slight variation may occur due to the limitations of the print process, differences in natural materials or between manufacturing batches.