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Useful information from zioxi for BETT 2020 – 22rd to 25th January

zioxi will once again be attending the BETT show in 2020, we will be bringing our innovative, green charging solutions and integrated ICT furniture for you all to see in the flesh.

What new products will be launched at BETT 2020?

We will also be officially launching the much anticipated onView app allowing you to control your zioxi products with even more ease from your mobile phone or tablet. We’ve been working hard to get the control of your products into the palm of your hand on an easy to use app. There are many advantages to this including the push notifications to your phone that apps allow.

Push notifications allow the user of a particular product to be notified not only by email, but by notification to the phone. Push notification are much less likely to be missed. For example if a teacher is leaving for the day and someone has unplugged the laptop charging trolley that they rely on for charging the laptops for the 9am lesson the following morning, then they will receive a notification before they leave to plug the trolley in.

Another additional piece of functionality is the ability to control screen power in ICT rooms. An example might be: A teacher is walking around the ICT classroom whilst engaging the whole class, but notices some students are distracted by what is on their screens. He or she can remotely switch off the power to the screens and switch them back on again directly and conveniently from their phone. Thus maintaining great engagement between him or her and the class without loosing his or her flow.

Come and see zioxi at BETT on stand SH40 between XMA and IBT and just over from the BETT ARENA!

zioxi position at Bett 2020 floorplan

What products am I going to see at the BETT Exhibition 2020?

OnView – Of course we will be launching our onView app as you have read above. OnView is the technology that zioxi has developed for you to control your zioxi products via the internet of things and our new app. OnView is also an intelligent system that will save you money on energy and add to your green energy credentials. OnView manages smart charging which stops electricity being delivered to devices when they are fully charged, this saves an awful lot of energy. It can also talk to the national grid and if set to “green”, will maximise charging during times that the grid is supplied by renewable energy sources.

onView Laptop, Chromebook and tablet / ipad charging trolleys. Featuring green charging, smart charging, device count, alerts if unplugged, broken into, accessed out of hours, moved out of a set perimeter and more.

Charge, store and secure cabinets for laptops, chromebooks, tablets / ipads and smart phones

Hideaway computer desks

Manual (M1s) and Powered (P1s). Our range of hideaway computer desks can be designed and constructed to almost any size of shape you can think of. The M1s have a pneumatic ram like the one in your car boot, when you push the panel down with your hands, and release the monitor, keyboard and mouse will elegantly rise up out of the desk. The P1 works with a button in the desk and raises the screen via an electric motor. OnView can be used to control the raising and lowering of screens in P1s and power to screens in M1s and P1s. This can be extremely useful for teachers when they want to engage students without the distraction of what is on the screen. OnView can also be used to communicate occupancy at a computer. This can be viewed by students looking for a free computer in a building.

hubTables and powerHubs

No plugs for power? These products will deliver power all day for multiple devices in places where there aren’t any power sockets. They have onView as standard giving you green charge – speaks to the national grid and automatically charging at green energy times, alerts you when charged or battery is low and more.

T41 agile teaching desks

Easy to move into circular tables, single desks or simply store away with the folding tops

Huddle Tables 

Mobile multi use tables that come with electric height adjust-ability, rechargeable or wired.

Collaborative tables 

When is the BETT show 2020?

The BETT show is on the 23rd to the 26th of January 2020.

What does BETT stand for?

British Educational Training and Technology Show.

Where is BETT?

BETT will again be in the excel centre in east central London.

Who will be at the BETT exhibition 2020?

So far we are excited to be exhibiting alongside:4Matrix Stand: NL50Academia by Serosoft Stand: NM68Actiontec Electronics, In Stand: NJ40Active Floor Stand: SC41Advance Youth Now Limited Stand: EDD71Advanced CCTV from Prime Digital Stand: NL13AGEMSOFT, a.s. Stand: ND42AI SMARTUAL LEARNING SDN BHD Stand: FS81All Things Code Ltd Stand: NM54Andrea Communications LLC. Stand: SK9Aruba Stand: NN20Assemblr Stand: NC12August & Hemmingsen ApS Stand: NH59Avid Products LLC Stand: NN63Bahcesehir University – F Stand: NL20BGRP Limited t/a The Bazaar Group Stand: EDC45Binary Logic S.A. Stand: NC46BlueSky Education Stand: NN57Bodet Stand: SK11Boxlight Group Limited Stand: SC34Browzly Ltd Stand: FS17CLEVERTOUCH Stand: SL30ClickView Stand: NH60Cloud Design Box Stand: NQ21Cloudwise Stand: NK45Clubbly Stand: NN65Coconnect Stand: NQ31CodeGrade Stand: FS19COMMSCOPE Stand: NM41Community Playthings Stand: EDB48CTL Stand: NB10Dataeduc – Soluções em Gestão Educacional Ltda Stand: FS26Discovery Stand: NG65DoodleMaths Stand: NE41Dremel Stand: SC47Edval Education Ltd Stand: NN35Empatico Stand: NG80Everyone Active Stand: EDD70ExperiEd Stand: NK44Fortinet UK Limited Stand: NQ32Frog Education Stand: NK70Frog Education Stand: NK60FSE Design Stand: NQ10Globisens Stand: SQ47Gratnells Ltd Stand: SM12iHASCO LTD Stand: NJ69Intelligent Education Ltd Stand: FS78International Baccalaurea Stand: NB44iRobot Corporation Stand: NH55Irujo Inc. dba SpanSource Stand: NM67Jalinga Stand: NB45Jiangsu SWR S&T Co., Ltd Stand: SE14JWIPC Technology Development Ltd. Stand: SM11KING-ON Technology Co., Ltd Stand: NM55Lancashire County Council Stand: EDB50Learning Robots Stand: FS12Lexplore Ltd Stand: NJ58Life and Science Co.,ltd Stand: SH50Little Green Button Ltd Stand: NN45Lynx Networks Stand: NN11Magic Whiteboard Limited Stand: SQ52Math Super Store Stand: NK43Nagwa Limited Stand: NL57Osborne Technologies Ltd Stand: SP34Picture News Stand: EDC57 Pikade Stand: SF45PowerGistics Stand: SL21Professor Film Stand: NK48Profil Klett Stand: NC30Promethean Limited Stand: SN41Pupil Asset Stand: NN40Scanning Pens Ltd Stand: NF12Secure Schools Ltd Stand: FS31Shape Robotics Stand: ND47Shenzhen Alldocube Science & Technology Co., Ltd. Stand: SF50Showbie Inc. Stand: NN41SinoEview Technology Co., Stand: SN27Soundtrap AB Stand: NE40Springring Web Portal W.L.L Stand: FS1The ONTO GROUP Stand: NM58TrilbyTV Stand: ND63VeryPC Limited Stand: SM 11Vidlearn Ltd Stand: NG62Vizidox Stand: NL45We Print Lanyards & Visitor Management Stand: NN52Westchester Publishing Services Stand: NJ54Winner Wave TW Limited Stand: SL22