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Save the environment and money on energy bills with our smart charging products

We ran a few numbers and it turns out that with typical usage you can save £160 on energy bills and a tonne of carbon with our green charge and smart charge innovations on a 32 bay laptop charging trolley.

What does a zioxi smart product with onView give you?

  • Green Charge

Our onView smart technology communicates with the national grid and schedules charging at times when renewable sources are providing the energy. Saving you carbon emissions.

  • Smart chargeStops charging when your laptop, tablet, ipad or smart phone is full. This can save a lot of energy and reduce carbon emissions.
  • Device countYour trolley will count how many devices are returned to the cart and can be set to alert you if they are not all returned.
  • AlertsYou can set alerts via your phone or email for if your trolley:
    • is accidentally left unplugged (and thus unable to charge)
    • unlocked
    • is accessed out of hours
    • device temperatures get too high
    • moves out of its normal location
    • you can also customise alerts for a huge number of other things.