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tech skills that businesses want

What Tech Skills should a student learn to make them more employable?

Infosys have published a detailed report called the Talent Radar Report that highlights what businesses are looking for in tech skills. This gives us a great opportunity to pass on the information to teachers, lecturers and students so that they can concentrate learning in the most desirable technology skills.

How many businesses are improving their digital business?

According to the survey 95% of businesses are improving or planning to improve digitally. 46% are improving their understanding of their customers and markets, 45% are looking to improve their customer experience and 40% are interested in improving costs and productivity.

What Tech Skills should a student learn?

Of the businesses surveyed 67% indicated that skills in analytics are the most desirable and equaling that 67% also said that user experience (UX) was the most employable skill. Businesses were also keen on automation as a highly desirable skill with 61% indicating it was a key skill.

What are the soft skills most prized by businesses?

Businesses said that teamwork was most important to them with 74% suggesting so. Leadership was also up there with 70% of employers citing it as a top skill and communication was considered the third most important soft skill with 68% of businesses surveyed naming it as their top skill.

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