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zioxi on the bim store 3d models to use in architectural drawings

zioxi products in the bimstore

zioxi on the bim store 3d models to use in architectural drawings

We thought bimstore was such a good idea that we were happy to create an account and put three of our products on there. This is just a start, we hope to help you architects out by putting all of our products on here eventually.

If you don’t know what the bimstore is: it is an online resource for architects with revit (CAD) models of just about anything that you can think of that you can download and use in your designs. The reason we are keen for you to use our products is because we want you to spread the word on how really great learning spaces should be fitted out. Corporates and learning institutes alike can gain from having agile furniture that helps learners to learn and teachers to teach!

At the moment we have on the bimstore:

Model of an M1 computer desk – this is a staple product for IT suites and other learning spaces. The M1 desk is ideal for spaces where computers are needed but can also benefit from hiding the screens away to use the desk space for other teaching purposes.

3d model zioxi t41, charging trolley and me computer desks

Model of a 16 or 32 bay iPad or tablet charge and secure trolley. Ideal for storing multiple iPads or tablets, we also have this product available for laptops and chromebooks:

3d model of ipad storage unit tablet charging trolley

Lastly we have a model of our staple student desk the t41  – ideal for agile learning spaces due to its manoeuvrability and its great storage potential. 6 of these make a circle or they can be used individually. 

3d model zioxi t41 table

Please visit our bimstore shop front and download the Revit files there for your projects!